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  1. Totally agree m8. Fitted Heko yesterday on my mk1.5. Same problems you're having. Might take em back off n put more and better tape on there
  2. Freakin gorgeous mate. 3 door would be even more so I bet. Wtf are Ford playing at ? I can't believe the ST is gonna be a 5 door. Should just call it a Focus * * * * Picasso !!!
  3. Take me out in it will ya if there on Sunday ? Curious about this new one.
  4. I'm liking that Bryan. Suits the darker colours the new one ;)
  5. Yeah baby. I'm so into that ! Is that your own one Bryan ? Don't see any decals.
  6. Bring it to the meet on Sunday Bryan. Wot colour is it ?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/user/FordUKTV
  8. http://ukipsmt.org/car-news/3701-ford-f ... -show.html
  9. I think that they're making it too expensive to buy now for the average joe !
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