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  1. Does anybody get it? For somereason it always likes to pop out of second when it gets abit of speed up.
  2. http://jalopnik.com/cars/oh-yeahhh/a-fa ... 291340.php :lol:
  3. freddieP, there was a recall on the CV joints i think...
  4. Picked it up, rear bushes where knackered, they did em under warranty bonus :) but they want £30 off me to tell me that the paintwork is good :evil: Apparently last time they should of stamped it because it wasnt paid for so i got a freebie but didnt work this time
  5. Well it was in for 1hr or so before they rang me... advisory about brakes. No thanks i will use them until they need replacing in three months :roll: they also said it would be an idea to change the brake fluid, but again that isnt actually due til september :roll: So its all done just need to pick it up and check that they have stamped the paintwork bit aswell as the service unlike last time. :)
  6. freddieP, http://www.allenford.com/contact+us/
  7. Ok mines coming up for the 25k in the manual it says major. But allen fords says its ok that the major is actually 37.5k :?:
  8. Tezza fitted them for someone, can't remember but i think he made a guide...
  9. But you don't get the same effect of the sound
  10. You don't need removal keys for the 'red look' headunits.
  11. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=180170
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