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  1. now that has to be the nicest dash that ford has produced to date! I like the rear if I forget its a focus....... but I still detest the front thanks for the post buddy!
  2. http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/all- ... 2011-01-14
  3. 17" alloys on the titanium x? This is the first time Ford have put 17" alloys on their top range sports models (without going to st or rs) since the mk1.5 e.g. tdci sport, mp3, even the ST was only 17" then the 18's came out on titanium sports packs.
  4. any chance you can just drive it a litte, top up with fuel, drive more, top up more, drive, top up, keep diluting it as you go.....?
  5. can you just put these in the oven like the mk1 ones?
  6. O know a guy that works for chipsaway, his work is good mate, cannot fault it at all, he was gonna do my alloys for me, until he saw em and realised they were so bad that a touch up job wouldnt be enough, they needed totally refurbed. Dannyboy
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