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  1. Came to the grand sum of £249 chuffed as larry seeing as it took him 5 hours to do!
  2. Will find out this eve when I pick it up! Expecting bout £400 :(
  3. Don't ask something stupid like £50 p/h, could of got it cheaper at Ford. Takes the * * * *!
  4. Still in the garage 4hrs so far :( and apparently another hour to go till its done! Great :(!
  5. It was the alternator in the garage at the moment not looking forward to the bill especially with christmas round the corner!
  6. Its a 2006 out of warranty now. Well the lights gone off now but theres a strange whinning noise comming from under the bonnet slipping belt maybe?
  7. Started the car up earlier and the battery symbol stayed on whilst the car was running had a quick look through the manual and it says the voltage in the car could be to high or low anyone know what this could be? Thanks
  8. Bit of a random post i know, just wondering as the title says. Took my focus to the french alps this summer, she did me well.
  9. Piaa bulbs are bright and I think you can get some xenon look ones but they are expensive I paid bout £50 for a set of dipped headlights
  10. i believe its anything above a sport has the heated front screen
  11. Just bought some lights for the mirrors in the sun visors and not got a clue how to secure them anyone done this before? thanks
  12. Hi i want to change my grille to a chrome but after reading some of the stories on here its a little off putting about how the lock wont up againt without busting the grille. So was wondering if there was any tips on how to avoid this and what do i have to to look out for so it doesnt happen? Thanks
  13. Just got a letter from Ford saying theres a new safety recall to do with the engine cooling fan control module anyone else got this?
  14. ignore that last post its yellow/black and blue and orange wires.
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