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  1. Was it this one... I dunno who' it is but I nabbed this picture I think from FFSTOC website or possibly from www.focusst.net/Gallery.htm. Looks incredible :D
  2. You can use the configurator on fords website to build it with the stripes and get a 3d view. :)
  3. I think it needs to be photoshopped properly cos everytime i look at my attempt i laugh, they look a bit too shiney in this pic, i think the ST needs 19's though.
  4. Im absolutely crud at editing pictures, but this is my best attempt using paint lol. I noticed that the concept 2007 typr r looks like its gonna have the same fitment 5 stud alloys that the new ST has and wondered what they'd look like as a replacement to the standard ones. Anyways here my attempt, I think they look awesome. Thanks to whoever I've nabbed this pic from, nice car.
  5. I like the rear bumper......and thats it :!:
  6. Just went on the Ford configurator site and came up with this: Not sure if I'm keen tbh, wonder if it'll have different alloys. Think it might be one for the collectors maybe.
  7. Do I get a prize? :lol: Wish my Sea Grey Ghia 1.6 was a Sea Grey ST Probably get better fuel consumption than I am as well 25mpg :shock: :cry:
  8. Don't think mine does, i took a look last week and couldnt see anything. Funny how the same model can have such differences in spec, makes them unique I guess :o
  9. You're not missing much mate, I wouldn't call 2 LED's a major feature of a car, just another gimmick for Ford to blag about. You pleased with the car? I think its awesome, keep finding little features like walk-me-home lights, auto wipers, auto lights etc. Its an automatic 1.6 and a bit slugish on the power side but thats ok as I have the TDCI sport for that requirement.
  10. The surround is light grey, very odd. I'm not complaining mind :D Haven't yet managed to see its full effect at night, but at dusk it did have a glow around the gear stick. Nothing to write home about tho. Shame they didn't stick some of those 18" alloys on by accident :mrgreen:
  11. Took delivery of a 1.6 auto Ghia today, very impressed with everything, its in Magnum Grey and no colour mismatch which is a bonus. One thing though, it seems it has submarine lighting, by this I mean that the courtesy light unit has the usual Ghia 3 lights but near the windscreen there are 2 holes with LED's in them which are shining down and illuminating the gear stick red. As I understand it this is submarine lighting, but I thought this was only standard on the new ST's. Can anyone tell me if this is submarine or just standard lighting. The car was built about 3 weeks ago so could it
  12. Found out the other day that Henry Ford never actually said: 'You can have any color so long as its black' Apparently they weren't even available in black when the Model T was first released. :|
  13. Anyone any good with photoshop fancy turning the ST green or purple? :smilecolros:
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