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  1. Sea Grey ST2 on order for me. Best colour IMO :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: Nice pics by the way. John
  2. Delivery : End of June Name : John Model : ST2 3dr DEATC, Advanced bluetooth Colour : Sea Grey Current car : Machine Silver Mondeo ST TDCi
  3. Sorry to drag this up again but I have been reading another forum, (hangs head in shame and awaits all the flaming :lol: ) and somebody on there states that they have it on very good authority that the Focus ST will be released in a diesel version later on this year. Now I usually take these things with a VERY large pinch of salt but was wondering if anybody on here had heard anything to either confirm or deny this rumour. I will copy and paste some of the conversation below - does anyone know if ford plan to do diesel version of the st???. it has been confirmed that a diesel vers
  4. It's the turbo, all turbo's whistle. It was the same on my test drive. John 8)
  5. I have got auto lights with my xenons on my Mondie so Ford do do it. Just have to wait and see if they offer it on the Focus. If they ever get the spec sorted :roll: :roll: John 8)
  6. Eder I did also take this pic but didn't think it was any good so didn't post it. But, here you go anyway John 8)
  7. RSM123 The one you saw is the one in the pictures. I took the pictures after I had been for a test driveat Basildon. John 8)
  8. Have to agree with you Kenny, I was really impressed with it in Silver
  9. I think Steve is right, not that I'm defending Ford mind you. Far from it. But the colour match wasn't as bad as in the flesh as the picture would make you believe. Saying that though we shouldn't be having this discussion, Ford should have sorted this problem out a long time ago. John 8)
  10. All Just a few pics of a Silver ST2 at my local dealer. Apologies they are not the best quality but they give you an idea of what the car is like in silver. John 8) [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  11. I to can confirm that my dealer has told me that the ST1 is not available on privilege. I have also been told that the privilege orders will be held to allow for the initial rush of retail orders to be completed first.. Anyone else heard this John 8)
  12. Sounds nice.... 8) ST3 for me also I think
  13. Its gonna be a long 9/10 months guys :roll: :roll: But roll on the day I can order one :lol: :lol:
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