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  1. croc, This might be an available option in the near future. aXeR, It is my intention to provide a wider range for more added choice.
  2. It is hoped that the club can at least give you more options to choose from other than just the original white :wink:
  3. Hi All, I note that the ffoc has available to you bold and outlined in white as shown here: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/shop/product_info ... ucts_id=67 However, would you like any other colours that would be worthy of being introduced???
  4. There are no immediate plans in mind to open up other areas otherwise that would defeat the purpose of the members zones :wink:
  5. And to further back up Tony point, I would like to refer you to the following ffoc 'code of conduct' as shown here: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73302 and especially this part of the rule: I sincerely hope that those involved understand and appreciate that we WILL act upon the above. We trust that you will co-operate for the future.
  6. kevin davies, Before we can consider the range of standard colours, the design needs to be confirmed, then we can seek further advice on the colouring and arrive at a suitable cost that remains realistic.
  7. Trying To Focus, I note your comments. I was wondering, perhaps you would care to try and re-design so that we can consider your thoughts? This would assist us immensely. :wink:
  8. csquire3, How about a digital tilt/motion sensor. I have this on my car (MK1) and it is excellent. See here: http://www.caralarms4you.co.uk/accessories.htm
  9. Troff, Hello and welcome to the ffoc! :D No poor English given by you, it is fine! :D
  10. Gryphon, Forgive my ignorance, what style focus wording should be displayed??
  11. Hi All, It's amazing what you come across on Ebay, perhaps any of you may be interested in this: Cheap as chips :wink: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-SHAPE-FORD-FOCUS-05-STAINLESS-BRAKE-LIGHT-COVER_W0QQitemZ7995374811QQcategoryZ23012QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. That requires video footage to see the expression on their faces :lol: :lol:
  13. tymo, Try B & Q or Homebase - normally around £5.00 to £10.00 depending on the quantity and quality
  14. Pictures been available for a while now: :wink: :wink:
  15. Unbelievably stunning - love it :D :D
  16. Is there not an adapter available ...perhaps :roll:
  17. Very nice indeed - gives it a different calming environment :D
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