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  1. Lovely motor mate, I've got my shiny new 2.0 ghia supposedly being delivered in the next few weeks :D - can't wait. Is that moondust silver ?
  2. The mp3 cd isn't standard on the ghia - cost me £200 for the option on the one I'm waiting to be delivered.
  3. Warranty is the same as if you bought from a local dealer. I couldn't give a monkeys about not having any service included as I've saved nearly 4k of the list price which more than covers any service agreement incentive offered from my local dealer.
  4. We visited our local dealer last weekend already having quotes from Broadspeed & Cars4charity and asked if they could get anywhere near our quoted prices for a 2.0 ghia - salesman spoke to his manager for 15 minutes and then said the best he could do would still be about £2500 higher than our quote. Guess where I bought my car from :wink:
  5. Didn't bother ordering through the dealership as they didn't want to come down to what I thought was a reasonable price so have gone through a broker - have been quoted from 5 - 6 weeks but not holding my breath.
  6. And have just ordered a moondust silver 2.0 ghia 5dr with a few added options. Visited our Ford dealership on Sat & still couldn't decide on a colour until my wife spotted a silver ghia in the showroom & decided she liked the colour after all. Choice was between the silver, black & the sea grey so we went for the silver 'cos we aren't too regular with the cleaning routine. Hope we made the right choice :D
  7. Cheers for the pic, this is a quick snapshot, (sorry about the quality) of the hired focus - any ideas on colour ?
  8. Thanks Xanadu, it's not that colour though - it's 'more blue' if you get my drift. We're off to the local dealership tomorrow to have a good look. I'll post back with our decision on colour.
  9. Update to my colour-quest, my wifes company have just hired her a focus for a couple of days - it is a sort of mid blue, lighter in colour than ink or jeans blue but darker than tonic, can't see the colour option on the Ford site. She has decided that she "quite likes this colour now" - so I think we'll have to have a good mooch at the dealers on Saturday and hope that she decides so that I can get my order in, I'm going to push for the sea grey but I don't win many arguments :cry:
  10. Many thanks for all the replies, my wife & I are not so good at regular car cleaning so I may go for the sea grey after all - looks a bit easier to keep clean :wink: Franko.
  11. Thanks for the swift reply, however, looking halfway down the page on this post http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=92985 at the panther black motor, I am still not convinced that this colour is for me - it looks like solid black to me. Am I going mad ? Franko.
  12. Hi all, I'm about ready to order a 2.0 ghia with a few extras but the wife is still unsure of which colour she wants, she likes dark so I've mentioned the panther black metallic but not solid black. Can anyone tell me if there is much difference between solid black & metallic ? I notice on the Ford website that solid black isn't even an option ?? Thanks for any input, Franko.
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