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  1. MS designs body kit and the Ford 18" 6 or 7 spoke alloys, (cant remeber which they are) If you look in the MK2 brochure then there is a picture of a red mk2 on page 48 I like that alot
  2. Well i know if i get a MK2 then I have already seen the wheels and bodykit i want lol
  3. I just fancy an upgrade from my MK1 2.0 to a oil burning MK2 :lol: I would probably get a zetec, half the fun is adding the parts that come standard in higher models lol And yea, no wood trim in the slightest :lol:
  4. I dont own a MK2 yet lol But if i do this mod i will be in touch :wink:
  5. Did you have to get the headliner also? Or was the indent already there? Looks smart though
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of the wolf kit which is on a silver MK2? I remeber seeing it a while again and when i looked for it i couldnt find it, Think it has the 5 spoke wolf alloys on, is a 3 door (i think) has a extra silver bit where the rear side windows meet the boot. Thinking about it it could also be a black car :? Also how much do these kits sell for?
  7. That looks nice, The lower part of the front looks to cluttered though, not something that is the Wolf Kits fault, perhaps the lower part of the focus bumper should be just black mesh
  8. What size turbo is the VXR using though?
  9. I beg to differ, Its only the fact that VW used to have excellent interiors but thats that the case now, most companies are pretty similar and performance wise its not hot, its more luke warm
  10. Whats with the sudden calling Fords bad cars?
  11. Some Sharp mobiles dont like to connect to Nokia ones, I think there are possibly different bluetooth levels, like the phone is using an older bluetooth than the car therefore aint compatable. Prob completely wrong though :lol:
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