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    Remember this on your journey home; when you hear the thunder roll, you're not alone!!
  1. i still think the mk2.5 (well, the "RS" at least) looks like a trainer. i know thats kinda what they intended with the mk2, but this one's really hit the mark! :roll: ive only seen black and blue ones on the road, and they look bad enuf!
  2. well the front end is different, but the back end is virtually identical iirc. so get one of the new ones. it'll fit, and might make urs a bit unique! :wink:
  3. http://www.stxstyling.co.uk/StxStyling/Cars/showit.php?pnum=2514 i saw a focus with this kit on 2day, with stainless mesh behind all the grilles, and decked!! it was absolutely stunning!! rich
  4. if it shares wheels with the mondy, get a set of st200, or stttttttdci wheels!! super gorgeous! rich
  5. have an immobiliser, and keep the immobiliser key on a separate keyring (my house keys are separate to my car keys). that way u can give them ur keys, leg it, and they cant do diddly squat! but the 6-cell mag lights do give fantastic light output!! :wink: :lol: rich
  6. if they're worn on the inside, then u need to get ur camber adjusted on them. garages will sort this for u, for very little money. ur best off tryin 2 get it done somewhere thats got a 4-wheel laser alignment machine!! rich
  7. yeah, 4th'd! simple cure tho - wash ur windscreen, then floor it in 1st or 2nd, and it goes 'up' rather than 'down' ur windscreen!! rich
  8. u need to set up an account (most peeps use http://www.photobucket.com on here), then upload ur pics onto that. once they're uploaded, below each pic ull get a choic of 3 links - url, img, *somthin else :oops: *. just copy and paste the IMG line into this post box, and it'll sort it out 4 u once posted! hope that helps rich
  9. rich, u gettin a black 1?? if so, just tint them!!??!! if not, im fresh out of ideas!! :P :lol: rich
  10. well, in theory, you're 100% right. i think its down to it being an even harder compound, so the tyre doesn't "squidge" to the shape of the road as much. i dnt think the energy tyres give u a particularly great level of grip, but they're not really aimed at sporty drivers!! but i dnt no 100% either way myself abt these things!! rich
  11. in the factory!!! :P :lol: :wink: :roll: sorry, j/k!! all over the world m8. im in stoke, and we used to make them here, but they knocked the main part of the factory down, so we only do truck tyre remoulds here now! world HQ is in Clermont-Ferrand, and theres another factory in France (cant remember where off hand), one in spain, one in dundee, ballymena (co. antrim), nigeria, poland, india (i think), japan, a few in america, one in brazil, erm, i think thats most of them. but different factories make different ranges, we have several sub-groups, like BFGoodrich, Kleber, Kormoran
  12. ALRIGHT!! im an employee at michelin, so ill tell u what little i know! we do a few tyres. Primacy are a very hard rubber compound, so they will (should!!!) wear a lot better than others, but they aint newhere near as sticky as better tyres, which is y u will have slid the other day. they're good for long distance, cruising, lazy boy style driving. not that expensive. then we have the Exalto. these are a semi-sports tyre, with a directional tread pattern. they are stickier than the Primacys, but wear very poorly indeed. i.e, if u put these on, after abt 9months ish, ud need new fronts, a
  13. is it just me, or have ford nicked their wheels from that lambo as well as the paint?? :shock: :? rich
  14. ill c what i can do l8r on m8, unless some1 beats me 2 it!! rich
  15. bought Top Gear magazine today, and as part of it was a nice little booklet on the ST, comparin it to the GTI and VXR among others. nice little review/write up! go buy and enjoy urselves!! rich
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