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  1. its a funny question..............but where the hell is the passenger side airbag?? the drivers one was easy to find!! but wheres the other???
  2. sorry to say but u'll lose alot more then a £1000 !! i got a 2.0 petrol titanium list price just over £17k i got it for £13k on privlege just traded it in for a st2 ford gave me £9k for it (55 reg 15k on clock) and i'd def. go for the zenons they are awesome in the dark and look gr8 to
  3. going by ford's figures the 2.0 will be alot more powerful 320 torque v's 1.6's 240 and 30-60mph, 2.0 much faster 7.8 v's 10.9 im sure u'll enjoy the 2.0 more!!
  4. Kev, i've had same problem twice with mine titanuim but my power steering falied to work, i switched engine off and back on again and cured the problem!!
  5. watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Ix4OOXf8Q
  6. its right what u say chris - but mine are both spot on..........i still think it maybe has something to do with the electric rack!! i've had 2 mk1 ST and both wore tyres perfect even with hard driving!! my 10,000 miles have mainly been up and down A roads!
  7. no tyre fitted to any u.k car is for snow use!!! the tyres on your car are normal all weather use, the same as a P6000 a snow tyre will normally be fitted with studs in the tread, which are illegal to use on are roads anyway!!
  8. hows everyone gettin on with the tyre life on there focuses? i've just checked my fronts tyres after 10,000 miles and they are bold on the inside edges!! its a 2.0 petrol with 205/50 17 conti's checked the pressure's and tracking and both are spot on! just wondering if its something to do with the electronic steering rack?
  9. just found this on autotrader site!!! http://atsearch.autotrader.co.uk/WWW/CA ... 6223606984
  10. its not so much the engine size, you only get this option if you have Electric Hydraulic Power steering
  11. just had a really good quote from www.newcarsonline.co.uk £16643.00 OTR this is for a ST2 5door,metallic, 12months tax and transporter delivery (april delivery) having only ever bought cars from main dealer, i was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this company before, and if the is anything to worry about ordering online(i've heard the one about insurance and not being the 1st owner on the log-book) at the moment im paying £298.50 a month on ford credit, on a 5dr 2.0 titanium - newcarsonline have offered me £299.29 on P.C.P with £5820 to pay in 4 yrs - sounds good deal to me!!
  12. am i just being stupid here, or does 'so called' bumper mis-match only show up when photos are taken????? is there really a problem here???
  13. does anyone know when bluefin will be avilable for the 2.0?? hopefully i'll be able to get the power up close to my old MK1 ST
  14. what is wrong with my car?? everytime i use the heaters with or without air-con, the smell i get is nasty!! abit like old rubbish bags smell!!! have had this problem since new, car is a 55 plate 2months old
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