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  1. Is it just me or are these the mk2 headlamps :? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Angel-Eyes-headli ... dZViewItem
  2. Anyone wanting the smoked/black headlamps (standard not xenon) i can do them for £92.00 a pair (new) delivered Tezza
  3. Looking good mate :wink: was nice meeting yet another FFOC member :lol: my driveway could tell a few stories pmsl Tezza
  4. Wot you recon £1 a day :lol: :lol:
  5. Sorry tezza, you have confused me even more (easy to do I know!!) Are they the 'standard' ones fitted fitted to Zetec Climates that have the black plastic inner parts or are they a differant Ford part that are 'smoked' in some way? Cheers Pete Pete, Yes mate standard fit :wink: some of us call them smoked and some say black so they will be the same as fitted on Zetec Climates Tezza
  6. They are the smoked inner ones's OEM ford part Tezza
  7. yes mate the pair :wink: NOW SOLD Tezza
  8. I know this is in the wrong section but i thought you Mk2 members don't look in the FS section as much as its 99% MK1 1.5 stuff I have a set of these for sale they come complete with bulbs and level motor's etc so all you have to do is swop them over. I'm asking £62 delivered :wink: Regards Tezza
  9. Try your local ford dealer, but i don't think you will have any problem's in removing your own as its only held down by screw's and the gator,s just unclips here is a break down pic Tezza
  10. If anyone wants this I'm looking for £95 inc postage Tezza
  11. Will get some pic posted ASAP :wink: Im open for sensible offers :wink: Tezza
  12. I have a center console with armrest For sale retail there £225 make me a offer if your interested Tezza
  13. Offside fog lamp from ford's 1234874 @ £22.48 inc vat Tezza
  14. Sorry daz its not a update its a inline capacitor that has to be fitted into the loom before the clock, and a pain in the butt job and not always the cure :cry: Tezza
  15. Right you lot they did change if your car was built (not registered) after 1/06/06 finis number's you need to update these are now fitted to all model's not just ST Wiper arm ......1434059 @ £14.75 inc vat Wiper Blade... 1404802 @ £11.87 inc vat Looks well on the mk1 focus too 8) Tezza
  16. Soon to be GK FORD in jan next year.... :wink: We have a orange one in the dealership were i work 8) gonna pop in and ask for a test drive (full day) well i can hope :lol: :lol: :lol: Tezza
  17. Sure do....£75.00 inc vat :shock: Tezza :wink:
  18. Sure, 1327674 @ £75.00 inc vat Tezza :wink:
  19. As requested :wink: and a few more 8) Tezza 8)
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