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  1. one the lassies 06 plates has broke down n cant find how to tow it from the front any ideas for her?? wheres the towing eye cover for the front on the mk2??
  2. dependin on insurance etc a 1.6 or 2 litre tdci (dono if they do a 1.8 tdci mk2)
  3. If your wantin power out small engine get a diesel but since u make loads small journeys dono if its a good choice As long as u maintain it well id say go for a diesel :D
  4. put ur car in 5th at 20mph and plant ur foot on the floor if it revs up its ur clutch if it slowly climbs its now lol
  5. ill tell the mrs to take it back to a ford garage, think she bought it from a family friends garage
  6. would it be a case of a full new gear box?? and how bad can this get if left?? it doesnt happen all the time but does quite abit lol
  7. jus when the engine is turned, i started the car wi the clutch down n when u lift it off to sit still out of gear it clucks like its clipped a cog on the gear box or somethin
  8. sorry but r u meanin will the alloy take a 235 or will 235s fit in ur arches??
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