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  1. Done it the other day, I had to remove the seat belt catch to fit the 2nd bolt but its all in and ready for the Baby seat unitl she sells, :D
  2. Had a Fiesta once had something similar, it was gear swaf had stuck in the shift bearings , in the end it was so bad i had the gearbox rebuilt , thou it was a W reg so i'm sure the gear boxes are different now ?
  3. Cheers Lee, Will give it a try tomorrow, I guess you just push the seats out the way and use the swivle joint on the ratchet, I'll push the gromet through as well :D took me a while to get the 1st one out, Cheers for the update, Mark
  4. Mine kept doing that, till I worked out it was the setting for the windscreen, :shock: it must be a quick clear option :roll:
  5. only had a quick look today, but I'm pretty sure even with the carpet out and the seat folded forward you can't even see the holes, I'll be having a play saturday myself, let me know how yo get on, :D
  6. No tried that, if you pull the lower seat up you can get access to the bolt locations and can just about pull the rubber lugs out, but if you tilt the back of the seat down you only get about 1/2 inch access, the only thing I can think of is removing the back pat of the seat, but can't see how,
  7. I got a bit of a brucy, I won it on Ebay for a £5a :D but I think you can get them direct from ford for £15, which is still very good, Just need the fitting guide :)
  8. Got my ISOFix bracket today , I can see the rubber lugs under the rear seats that cover the holes where the nuts go,,, but I don't know how to get access to them, Do I have to remove the rear seats, If so how, Or can i move the back of the seats out of the way, if so how, or is there a nice How to ? Cheers mark
  9. Thats good :) , what do you think I would get for a 2005 LX 1.6tdci with upgraded fog lights and Zetec alloys, 47K on the clock ? Cheers Mark
  10. I've heard very good reports about Millers diesel treatment , I may get some to try, :D
  11. It was mega black before, I think next time I'll have the engine flushed to be sure . it is a lot quieter than before and is a lot smoother, Don't flush it - there is no need and it can easily do more harm than good. All diesels soot oil up very very fast - that's why they make diesel formulations to cope with the soot loading. If you flush it all you will do is run the risk of starving a bearing of lube during the flushing process and if you get the oil in there perfectly clean I assure you it will go as black as midnight in a mine again within a thousand miles. Good call, cheers for
  12. It was mega black before, I think next time I'll have the engine flushed to be sure . it is a lot quieter than before and is a lot smoother,
  13. I've just had a service which included a oil change, should I expect the oil to remain BLACK, I've been told the engine was drained and topped up with 5LT of new oil, but after 8 miles its black again, The garage told me Ford Diesel engines are normally a bit dirty etc on the oil side of things, but I did expect the oil to stay cleanish for a good few thousdand miles, Any comments etc to whether it should be cleanish or black would be greatly appreciated ??
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