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  1. Well after having my 1.6 tdci zetec Econetic for 8 months and covering nearly 17,000 miles in that time, I am increasingly impressed by the fuel consumption figures I'm getting. When I first got the car I was a little disappointed because the car only returned about 47mpg on normal town driving. That was about the same as my mk2.5 2.0tdci, and I wondered if I'd done the right thing considering the loss in performance over the bigger engine. But the mpg has just got better and better as the miles have gone on. I'm now getting around 58mpg around town, and on a trip from Hull to Heathrow and bac
  2. I've put Osram Nightbreaker plus in mine for the dipped beam. some Ebay specials for the main beam and fog lights which give a much whiter light but do tend to blow quickly, but don't get used very often so hopefully I wont have to swap them very often. And some really good LED side light bulbs which I got from Halfrauds for £9.99. Again I had some ebay specials but they're usually crap and flicker after a short time. I thought, when changing my bulbs that the light unit were a lot trickier to remove than the mk2/2.5.
  3. Bloody hell! I took mine back a few months ago because the clutch sometimes was making a squealing noise. They said that they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and of course it didn't misbehave when I wanted it to! I was told by the service manager that clutches are only covered on warranty for 1 month or 1000 miles. I'll be constantly wondering now how long mine is gonna last. And I think sometimes the clutch release action on my car seems a little harsh and quite clunky. My old mk2.5 2.0 tdci was on the same clutch when I traded it in at 68,000 miles. And it still felt as smooth and prog
  4. My mums mk1 focus and VW polo both did that. We found it really annoying. So I won't be attempting that.
  5. I think its photoshop'd there is no fuel filler flap.
  6. Lunar sky even! Lovely colour anyway.
  7. Looks nice. I like midnight sky because its so unusual, and I'm beginning to think I should've gone for it because frozen white is getting a bit common. :-/ I think your car would look nicer with some bigger wheels, I bet yours are a sod to clean just like my 17"s
  8. They both look lovely. Better than the press release photos I saw when I ordered my car last December. And in response to the above comment. I now think your silver mk2 now looks really boring!
  9. I had a problem with mine, and it turned out there was a PDF file and a couple of photos on the memory stick which kept confusing the stereo. Once they were deleted it was fine.
  10. That is a nice colour, but I don't think it's available in the UK.
  11. They were £35 for the two and were a doddle to fit. In fact I fitted them in the dealer carpark as soon as I got them. They just pull off and the new ones clip on. Because I have loads of people getting in and out of my car I'd already noticed small scratches on the original ones, probably from jewellery. But the new ones are wearing fine. Probably because they are smooth rigid plastic instead of the soft textured plastic of the originals. And the look better!
  12. I haven't folded the seats down yet but I reckon as long as you don't need the drivers seat all the way back the seats should fold completely flat.
  13. I put these on mine to protect the door grab handles inside. I wonder if those outer door protectors can be fitted aftermarket. I might have to enquire.
  14. Here it is. excuse the stuff in there but it might help you see how big the boot is. With the space saver spare the boot is very deep. There's a 15cm drop from the lip of the boot which could be a problem if you were lifting something heavy out of it.
  15. I've taken the pictures but can't upload till tomorrow when I can get to my computer. On my phone at the minute.
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