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  1. I have a 2.0 petrol Zetec climate, and even with 145bhp I can feel that the engine is not pulling as well, during the recent hot weather. Funny thing is, is that today it was a bit cooler, by about 10 degree C and the engine was pulling well, even though I had the A/C on. It must depend on how hot the air is outside the car.
  2. Does anyone know the best place to buy them cheap, and do they have to be fitted to the front and rear plates? Thanks
  3. I am driving to Germany in four weeks time (my first time driving abroad) and remembered that all UK cars have to have a GB sticker stuck to the rear of their car. I thought that all new cars automatically had a Euro plate fitted (circle of 12 stars above the national identifier on blue background), but I've noticed that mine doesn't have it, it's just plain. Are all new cars supposed to have a Euro plate fitted?
  4. I've noticed my eight month old Focus making more noise lately. Are they meant to have a high pitched sound when the air con is on, and it seems to rise and fall as you accelerate, or use the steering?
  5. Thanks for that. I'm going to take it in and get looked at, and get them to look at the front bumber while I'm there. Sick of it being a different colour to the rest of the car.
  6. Are there any tracks days around the UK which have a Ford Focus which you can drive. I'm driving round the Nurburgring in the next few months and would like to know what a Focus feels like when travelling at high speed. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply I should have mentioned that I have Continental Sport Contact 2 205/50 R 17 fitted. I drive a Focus Zetec climate manual, fitted with a 2.0 petrol. Not the fastest car in the world, but enjoyable enough. What cars have you driven on tracks and which of them were your cars? Have you ever thought about going to the Nurburgring? If you go to: www.video.google.com and type in Nurburgring there are a number of videos of drivers in quite impressive cars going round the track at unbeliebable speeds, especially professional drivers.
  8. Not the same as your problem. When I pull away in first gear I hear a loudish creaking noise. It could be the noise the suspension should make, but I can't remember hearing it so loud before. When any car accelarates the chassis/suspension(?) will be moving a bit (I'm guessing), when the weight is transferred, so it could be that............ so there will be some creaking I guess.
  9. I will be driving round the Nurburgring for the first time in the next few months (waiting for the right date) and was wondering what tyre pressures I should have when going round. The 'Owner's guide' says that up to 100 mph with up to 3 people (it will only be me and my brother when I go): Front: 34 lbf/inch squared Rear: 34 lbf/inch squared Due to the heat generated and going down the straight flat out (and its quite a long straight) what would be recommended. As I will be doing over 100 mph I'm wondering what the best pressures are. Is there anyone who would know for sure? Thank
  10. I only hear it when pulling away in first gear (most probably because as the car gathers speed the creaking is drowned out by tyre sound ect.) but I'm sure I haven't heard it when I first got the car. Could be bushes which need replacing, but I doubt it on an eight month old Ford Focus Zetec climate 2.0 petrol. I had a very similar sound on a ten year old Mondeo. Or could it be the springs on the seat causing the sound............. Am I just hearing things or has anyone else got the same problem? Thanks
  11. I was behind a Citreon C4 the other day. If you think the Focus's rear wipe is small, you should have a look at the one on the C4!
  12. I have the 2.0 petrol engine, which I guess, is the 2.0 Duratec HE. I enjoyed reading the article. Very interesting. I've noticed that this engine I have in my Focus Zetec climate is a lot quieter at high revs, compared to my previous car, which was a 1800 Mondeo.
  13. Some others on here are not happy with the size of the rear wiper. I don't see what the problem is myself, it clears enough of the rear window when needed. I like the size of it, and think it looks cool, compared to cars fitted with the same size as the front wipers, which look rediculous IMO.
  14. I have the same problem sometimes on my 2.0 petrol. But it's done it only when I haven't been on a long drive and have been only driving short distances to town etc. - a lot of short trips, turning on and switching off the ignition. Does not seem to like that.
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