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  1. Sorted, they knocked one of the plugs out down by the fusebox while they were changing the pollen filter
  2. Plus they haven't stamped the service book and the alarm is now going off. Great! :D
  3. Car is a 2005 MK2 1.6TDCi Ghia Estate with no DPF if that makes any difference
  4. Just had the bus in for a 75,000 service at Inchcape Ford in Wokingham and on driving it home I've realised that... The front wipers don't wipe The offside indicator no longer indicates The auto headlights don't work Main beam both sides is knackered Any ideas?
  5. Quick question, will lights from a MK2.5 fit on my MK2? Cheers
  6. Fitting an aftermarket HID kit into OEM reflector headlights is just going to irritate everyone you come across on the road. You could get away without the self levelers and the washers but it's worth while investing in projector headlights. I think they come as standard on the ST?
  7. My 55 Ghia always does one sweep when I turn the ignition on. It's really helpful when it's icy and the wipers are stuck to the screen. £28 for one replacement blade the other day!! Eek!
  8. It all looks a bit too good to be true! I'd stear well clear if I were you, at least untill there are some other people that have had experience of that particular unit. (can't see any in the buying history)
  9. Make sure you only use them if the visability is less than 100 metres. Anyone driving around with them the rest of the time should be shot.
  10. Mine just seems to disappear in about a week as well. Mind you I take great pleasure in squirting anyone who dares to tailgate me! :lol:
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