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  1. Whats this mirror actually for? Any pics from the rear of the car, this might be good for keping an eye on the kids, Also what does the ST Glovebox handle look like? Pics and part numbers if possible.
  2. Cant remember error code didnt pay much attention, got in a bit of a pickle with the DPF fluid and im told its toxic lol. Anyway I just phoned and asked him about it, Canbus Error XXXX, he said it could also have been Canbus Network Error XXXX, He attempted to clear the error but it kept coming back. This could be his software though as he couldnt clear the DPF fault either.
  3. Sorry to step in whilst trying to reset my 'Engine Systems Fault' light related to my DPF, we were going through the various screens on his PC based OBD when we went into a certain section i cannot remember which I noticed a canbus error showed up.
  4. Will whip the wheel off on Saturday when its on the ramps as ive got to top up the DPF fluid. Will post pics up soon as. Thanks for all your help so far guys, Im sure if seen some how tos before theres def one for the bluetooth, and I think the cruise control also. Sometimes its so difficult finding the info again lol
  5. Theres 10 wires there iirc. Seems everywhere I look I have spare connectors lol Thought it was other way around the ST was based on the Titanium. I will have a look when I get a chance if the rain holds off.
  6. Arrr i have a picture of my headlight wiring if i can dig it out. It seems Ford do exactly the same as Land Rover just use what they got lying around. When you say facelift are you talking about the mk2 Heres the headlight connector and a spare 2 pin connector (dont know what its for) Im really interested in any info you come across upgrading your car, I am trying to do the same, I just dont have the knowledge, Xenons, Washer Fluid Sensor, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, are on my list. Not seen the LED rear lights.
  7. Can you see the sensor in the bottle from under the bonnet? The IDS is not a problem I have access to that.
  8. There are several threads about this but I couldn't find anyone sucessfully retro fitting it. It does last a while but I'd still like a warning.
  9. I have a 55 plate Titanium built 3/3/05 which does not have the low washer warning thingy. Whenever I use the car I find its constantly out of screenwash, all our cars have been this way. Think the misses is allergic to filling it up lol. Anyway can this be retrofitted. Im hoping its a simple job and maybe an IDS visit.
  10. Shame I cant remember where I connected my earth when adding Aux 12v sockets. iirc I may have removed a bolt from the airbag mount on the drivers side of the rear luggage compartment.
  11. Sockets came from ford. They are the aux sockets for transits couple of quid each. Earths just connected to body on either side with ring crimps. Think I used the airbag mounting bolts as the earring points. Cable gets run under carpet beneath the rear passenger seats. Each socket has inline 7.5A fuse. Can't remember what cable it was but it was off the shelf at halfords, 20A cable rings a bell cos I think that's what the main fuse is. Ps. Those plastic shelves I've fitted them in are a pain to get off. You don't actually need to take it right off as I managed to do the passenger sid
  12. I just extended the wiring from the main cigarette plug and fused each plug on either side. The wire is pretty easy to route, under the handbrake and under carpet to the boot. I decided to go with a permanent supply so I can charge things in the boot. I left plenty of spare cable in case I decide to make it switched.
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