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  1. That sounds spot on to be honest, Ill print that off and drop it in to them so they can do it whilst the car is being serviced, DStanley1809, its 26k miles. Told them ill only do the interim so come January when its 3 its brings it all back into line ;) UNLESS, i can convince the better half to let me buy a new car :lol:
  2. Afternoon!!! Has anyone had a similar experience, When i pull away in first, very often i hear a knocking noise, sounds like its from the centre of the car. Foot is off the clutch and the gear is engaged, just when you first put your foot down it knocks? Typically, its due a service right now and ford want 350 notes for a 3rd year service however its not even 3 yet so the can do one! Cheers!
  3. i would disconnect the power for you sub and amps etc then pop a new bulb in. Should blow their theory out the water!
  4. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... ing+lights
  5. a thread i started just over a year ago on this subject. Happy reading! lol
  6. As titled, Any one done this before? Logical thinking its only a sensor and relays that would be needed along with light switch? Im bored of my car and with the need to keep hold of it i need something to keep me entertained!
  7. clutch release bearing? I'm no mechanic but thats all i can think of!
  8. i have the 1.6tdci, £30 a year to tax it and pretty good fuel return depending on my journeys. Not had an ounce of a problem... yet!
  9. Mk2.5 1.6tdci No brake mods. Noticed this morning after about ten miles i could hear a massive werring noise when slowing down coming from what i thought the car in front, Turns out its my car making that noise. Engine was hot and been travelling for about 10 miles, When the car is under load theres no noise. As soon as i come off the gas and let the car slow down (without breaking) all i got was a noise as if something was binding together and a tapping noise. It did the same coming home tonight, nothing stuck to the tyres for the tapping noise, all the cv boots seem clean and no grea
  10. why did you take them off? might take a day or two settle
  11. You got cup holder with a little removable mat? If so, lift the mat up and maybe a screw?
  12. do you have the mk2.5 or mk2? My mk2.5 is 501's interior and rear number plate Mates Mk2 is festoon at the rear number plate and interior light as he has no map reading lights
  13. Nope, if you loose your car keys like i loose my bank card then look under your bed!
  14. i have on fitted to mine. Smartens the back end up! from team torque steer
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