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  1. afaik no. why bother trying to fit seats from a different mk of car when mk 2 st recaro's are cheap as on ebay
  2. The noise you could also be hearing is the abs system setting itself up too.
  3. has anyone on here ever changed them? need to know what tools, how hard and how long it take's as im getting some pumaspeed ones and fitting them myself.
  4. well even though the pumaspeed website says they do cams for my engine they actually dont. the web site is very very badly laid out. with fiesta parts etc showing up in the focus area and there mk2 focus page is not engine related either. utter crap!
  5. 1.8 petrol looking at cams next or poss supercharger kit down the line.
  6. Pipercross panel filter. I don't want a pod filter if it's enclosed or not as I don't like the look of them and you still get heat soak when stationary.
  7. So after getting a custom Blueflame exhaust, panel filter and remap the car only just made the bhp figures ford state my model comes with (125ish bhp). The remap does work as I have before and after printouts. My question is are there any other simple mods I can do eg diff snorkel? I'm not fitting a pod filter as in traffic they are utter crap with heat soak. If I can't do anything thats cheap and looks stock then next port of call is pumaspeed cams.
  8. well every focus i looked at did this. i think its very poor from ford to make a car with such a poor reading temp gauge. i now resort to putting the dash into test mode every time i do a long journey
  9. look on ebay. mine were already painted and local. came with tyres that are ok for a few track days. you can selll your old wheels then and its cost you nothing
  10. no i got some st ones in panther black fitted to my car so have my others spare now
  11. why not just get the zetec s rear bumper
  12. sport aint a pain when parking. its only a little bit more stiffer than normal. driving a car with no power steering that has a 2.5litre straight 6 is a pain1
  13. if you have the cable and the software you can perm set it to sport or what ever one you want
  14. well it got replaced but two hours after turning the engine off it still shows that the engine is fully warm. im now thinking that the actual gauge on the car is faulty if its showing correct at the ecu end.
  15. its only a tenner for the sender ( roughly i think ) from ford.
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