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  1. Moved by me, chances are you're the first one so YOU'LL be the one doing the how-to :wink:
  2. THAT's the bit that puts most people off from believing a story like this!!! Auto Express have been running this 'yes/no/yes/no/yes' story for a good couple of years now without anything that even resembles concrete proof!!! As with everybody else, believe it when I see it................or at least hear a concrete announcement from Ford themselves! Until then, don't get your hopes up!
  3. Tut Tut Tut. I moved this to the Mk2 section as you'd get the best response in here........but it turns out you've already posted it in here........the same as you posted it in Interiors AND you posted in in the Electrical section. Double (triple in this acse) posting is a no-no! :evil:
  4. I should imagine so, can't think of any reason why you couldn't, might reduce your turning circle but you are preventing the wheels from turning as far, so long as you don't keep 'bouncing' your steering off of it you'll be fine. Have moved this to the Mk2 section where you'll get the best response :wink:
  5. Is the new one still based on the existing Focus (Mk2 or otherwise) platform? If it is then there's no reason for it to suddenly disappear I should imagine :wink:
  6. A friend of mine is lookjing to spray his Ford Escort in the same Orange as the Mk2 Focus ST looks so good in. However he has been (unreliabley) told that there are apparently about 4 different shades/paint codes of this colour. Can anyone here with Orange STs just check their paint codes and post them here for me please. Would be most appreciated.
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