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  1. I've been having the same problem the past few days. It's been getting harder and harder to start, and I've had to give it some gas to actually get it going. I also had the immobiliser light flashing frantically after it started, but I think that's a red herring. Today it wouldn't start at all, battery was completely dead. I made use of the free RAC cover and the guy came and checked it out. He reckoned the battery is faulty, so I'm off to Ford tomorrow to get it looked at. I figured maybe I'd done something wrong (although I'm fairly positive I didn't leave anything on), but if others are
  2. You can see some of my Titanium 5dr in jeans here: http://www.bishnet.net/tim/photos/New_Car/
  3. I have Jeans on my car. 90% of the time it looks fine... and I wouldn't quibble about it. But the rest of the time - particular when it's a really bright and clear day the match looks awful.
  4. I guess the temperature sensor isn't correctly working?
  5. If it's really hot the fans go mental in an attempt to cool things down. It might do the same in extreme cold too I suppose. It would be more sensible if it waited for the aircon to have actually cooled the air down though - I just get a blast of warm air :)
  6. I've got the Titanium and the comfort of the seats was one of the things that swung it for me. Plus I would have got the Sony ICE on the Ghia anyway, so the price gap wasn't too great. And I can live without cruise control :-)
  7. ... although the seats in the Titanium really are quite comfy :-)
  8. As Ron and RSM123 said, it's the microphone for the voice control and phone.
  9. I've done the sums without the trip computer and over a whole tank the reading is coming it pretty accurately (just a few % difference tops). It doesn't give a good overall picture if you only take a small sample period, although I guess it does show the engine can do "what it says on the tin".
  10. I'm seeing similarly poor consumption figures on my 1.6Ti-VCT. Around town I'm getting around 25 mpg, and on a long motorway run I got 33 mpg. These are a long way off the stated figures. The car has been checked by the garage, and they can't see anything wrong. They've updated some computer stuff, but say it shouldn't affect the fuel comsumption. I'll let you know the outcome of that in a few weeks. So - nice little engine, but greedy as hell :(
  11. How'd you manage to drive all the way to the south of france and still have a shiny clean car? :-)
  12. I get a faint clunk when I first pull away too. I think it only happens when the aircon is on though...
  13. Mine was fitted yesterday, along with a new windscreen. :D
  14. Presumably it's a bluetooth GPS device... you'd use a phone/pda to do the display bit.
  15. My car is going in for a bunch of warranty repairs next week including getting the Titanium badge put on. Hopefully after that my car will finally be like it should have been the day I picked it up :roll:
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