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  1. That sounds to me like the fuel pump is breaking up. This is a common problem on whizzpopper Vivaro & Movano vans we look after-quite often people don't know until the van breaks down or loses power through loss of fuel pressure. On those vehicles we replace the fuel pump & filter, although sometimes the breakup is bad enough to contaminate the fuel rail and even injectors. When this has happened I've seen the bill hit £2k. :shock: I would definately push for Ford to cover this-unless they can prove the vehicle is been misfuelled I'd find it difficult to believe how they can say
  2. The only warranties worth the paper are manufacturer's and something like Network Q. This is coming from someone who deals with them (and several other warranty companies) every single day.
  3. Not strictly true, the fault has to be diagnosed by the dealer and there has to be a live jobcard on it detailing the fault, which should then give confirmation whether it is covered under warranty. If the car goes into them after the warranty expires then that is it, Ford are within their rights to reject the claim. It's not a warranty issue until officially diagnosed and confirmed that the cause of the problem is covered.
  4. None taken, and used to have one, and it's now in the care of my old man. I'll probably buy it back someday. :wink: It was being given a courtesy Micra which convinced me to buy mine, so there's time yet. :lol:
  5. Ford could probably do it, but it's dealer dependent-they might not have the equipment. Your best bet is to find someone like Elite Direct in Rainham-where are you in the UK? Google "Four Wheel Alignment" or "Hunter Four Wheel Alignment" and your area to see what it comes up with (Hunter is the name of the equipment most places use).
  6. Ridgeway Avenue!?!?! I used to go to Mill Vale and although I haven't been round there for about a year, I've never known that to flood! :shock: All the best in getting it sorted anyway mate-hope the insurers don't write it off. I was told insurance companies usually use about 50% of the car's value before writing off. Nice little earner that'll be for Hartwell (I presume that's where it is) if they replace the engine... You'll have to pop into a Beds/Bucks meet sometime fella... :wink:
  7. That's my technique-suggest to the customer that they demo the fault to the technician.
  8. I am a Service Advisor and we get no end of people ringing for progress reports and complaining that they are not updated every thirty nanoseconds. :roll: Perhaps they should try being in our position and phoning each customer with an update regarding their vehicle every hour when we see 50 + vehicles a day through... :roll: It is just not feasable when we have to deal with new bookings, repair authorisations, enquiries etc. We phone when the vehicle is ready and the invoice is done. :) At the end of the day, we want the vehicle through, get the job done and it off our premises ASAP-that'
  9. I see you're in Dunstable mate-where was the flood? Was it where the road goes under the old railway line by McDonalds? :?
  10. I thought the 2.0 TDCI felt a bit nose heavy, it felt more willing to drag wide than the 1.6 TDCI and a bit more cumbersome.
  11. Couldn't it be the automatic choke on cold start? Remember the car will cool down much quicker now it's winter and thus will need to be choked for longer.
  12. It just alters the amount of assistance given to the steering by the PAS. Remember the Fiat Punto's "girlie" button? Yeah...
  13. The RAC will only take the car to where to tell them to-when my coilpack went on my Mk1.5 I told the patrolman to drop the car at the dealership, then phoned them the next working day (the coilpack failed on a Saturday afternoon) to tell them why a blue Focus had unexpectedly turned up on their forecourt. Once this was done, I had the car back within a couple of days-they have a duty to give you a courtesy car if you're without the car for longer than 48 hours IIRC.
  14. Yeah that happens on my 1.6 Mk1.5 and also even more on my mum's 1.2 Corsa-I think you just need to rev the nuts off it. :lol:
  15. Some dealers have told me 500, some 1000 for my Mk1.5-best thing to do is ring and ask.
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