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  1. No excuse to keep slating people just to make himself look good, they called it bullying when I was at school. :|
  2. Read the 1st line yup and as a ford tech you have access to ETIS and can read the info to know what it does (same as i posted) you should do this as your technician status, your own master tech should keep you up to date as i do our lads, that we the ford trained tech "HAVE the product knowledge" requiered to keep our customers happy. dont you think its poor a Ford tech can post on here "i dont know what it does" is a pooor show to customers? Do you have many friends :shock: All you seem to do is * * * * people off, you have only been on this forum for a short period and you have alrea
  3. Yep thats what I've got and mine are heated.
  4. How about building up some no claims discount first in an older car or are you able to pay that kind of premium without any problems ?
  5. You are right, its called road camber and it does cause your car to be drawn to the kerb. Carl
  6. I'm sorry but this is absolute tosh, no car is set to veer to the left no matter how little on purpose. I can see your reasoning for thinking this might happen but in reality it doesn't happen. You will probably find if your car does do it it is the camber of the road that is pulling you to the kerb and not a built in design feature. Carl
  7. Never heard of cars been designed to veer to the left, that is a new one on me. Where did you here that one. Carl
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