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  1. Dont want to be negative, byt did you check for accident damage before you bought it? Could of been repaired by a non ford garage and ordered the wrong parts....maybe??
  2. have a look inside the drivers door frame, full pressure listings are on a sticker just below the catch i would look for you but its still bloody raining and im not going to get wet!!!
  3. OK I have a 3dr Zetec Clinate and there is no centre read head restraint. Checked the brochure I had when I got mine from last year, it states it is fitted on the 5dr as standard (all variants), and only fitted to the Titanium as standard on the 3dr. It is not available as an optional extra. Hope that helps
  4. Nice one...I dont think you will be disapointed! Did they give you any clues on the delivery time?
  5. my 1st service = £0 my 2nd service = £0 Refused to buy the car unless they gave them to me for free! That was on a privilege purchase as well! Who says you cant haggle with privilege?
  6. All of these taken at MHP05 Brimingham NEC, 2 different cars both in Orange (no colour match problems!) Also note the design change of the boot grab handle!
  7. Here you go: NEW FORD FOCUS ST – HOT HATCH, COOL PRICE New 150mph Focus ST from just £17,495 OTR Order books open 1st October for both three and five door models 2.5-litre turbo five-cylinder Duratec ST engine - 225PS Explosive 320Nm of torque from just 1,600rpm Exceptional handling, road-holding and braking Agile, fast and powerful, Focus ST remains refined and practical BRENTWOOD, Essex, 13th September, 2005 – Fast yet refined, the new Ford Focus ST offers a mouth-watering performance package for the enthusiast driver and, with on-the-road prices from £17,495, establish
  8. FORD FOCUS ST LIST PRICE UK CAR BROKER PRICE FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 3DRS (225) EURO IV £17,495 £14,098 FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST-2 3DRS (225) EURO IV £18,495 £14,888 FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST-3 3DRS (225) EURO IV £19,495 £15,678 FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 5DRS (225) EURO IV £18,095 £14,572 FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST-2 5DRS (225) EURO IV £19,095 £15,362 FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST-3 5DRS (225) EURO IV £20,095 £16,152 http://www.ukcarbroker.co.uk/fordfocus.htm Inc. vat 12 months tax, and delivery
  9. Thats too expensive! Look harder and you can get them cheaper!!! How about a £14k starting price?? Have a mooch in the 2005 section!!!!!
  10. Wouldn't care whats its called....I just want one!
  11. Nah, apart from the noise everything appeared OK. I would suggest getting it booked in and leaving it with them for the day if you can, to give a good going over. I always make sure that it will be on warranty when I phone them (which I do from work on a recorded phone line! LOL), so I can hold them to it!
  12. Just thought you'd all like to know about a potential problem. For a couple of weeks now had a "humming" type noise come from the front of the car when well its turn slightly to the left. So, booked it in today, went out for a test run with the technician this morning, diagnosed immediately front hub bearing failure on the nearside. They done the work straight away and replaced both front bearings under warranty. All seems OK now. My car is MKII Zetec Climate 3Dr 6 months old and has 4000 miles on the clock. Anyway, apparently this isn't the first one they have done (they didnt say h
  13. More data: Engine Data Engine Type 2.5L 20 V DOHC Displacement (cc) 2522 cm3 Bore (mm) 83,0 Stroke (mm) 93,2 Fuel Type, Grade Unleaded, 98 or 95 (RON) Max Power (ISO KW/PS) 165.5 KW (225 PS) At Engine Speed (RPM) 6100 / MIN Max Torque (ISO NM) 320 NM At Engine Speed (RPM) 1600 – 4000 / MIN Compression Ratio 9.0 Cylinders 5, In Line Cylinder Head/Block Aluminum Alloy Valves Per Cylinder 4 Valve Gear DOHC with Direct-Acting Mechanical Shimless Tappets Turbocharger KKK – Warner Integrated Turbo System Engine Management Bosch Motor Management System Fuel Injection
  14. It V V Good!!! And the good news is...the steering wheel is on the right side of the car!!! It's coming home!!! wahooo
  15. want one now...wonder wot i'd get for my 4 month old mk 2??? lol
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