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  1. Sounds good mate, I love my Vibe sub, had it for years and never had to upgrade it. As far as I've been told the rears are 6.5" // 17cm speakers. Now in my focus style they must be coaxials as i have no rear tweeters.. Unless they are just a mid woofer.
  2. I'll be doing mine next week too. What speakers have you got going in mate? I'll be making some mdf rings with a ton of sound deadening to boot and new speaker wire, which I will have to work out how to route! Can't wait lol!
  3. Yeah pretty much! Couldnt seem to find any pics that werent an st or zetec-s!
  4. Yeah would be good please bud. I'm pretty sure my car has standard springs on it, i mean the backs on stilts, but the front isnt too bad.. Just didnt wanna buy the eibachs and fit them and get no difference, if the previous owner had lowered it already.. I wouldnt know how to tell. But its certainly not what id call low right now. If that makes sense... Its 2am And im knackered lmao!!
  5. As title really. I'm going to be lowering my focus by 30mm on eibachs, springs only.. I currently have 16" wheels, would like to see some pics of befores and afters etc! Also did anyone have issues with it affecting tracking/alignment etc? My rear wheel arch gap between tyre and bodywork is bigger than on the front... is this usual for mk2.5's lol? Thanks Guys Paul
  6. Would like to see mk2.5 focus's with a mk2 ST spoiler on! Also if anyones done this I have a few questions regarding fitment etc! Thank you Paul
  7. Possibly, couldnt say for certain though. Just read up on it, after starting the ignition if it sees a fault it doesnt turn the warning light on until like the third time it see the fault. It could be a valve issue, dirty, water damaged, broken, or maybe a vacuum line has popped off.. Could help shed some light http://www.bba-reman.com/content.aspx?c ... _DTC_P0444
  8. Did it come on again instantly after you cleared the code? It could be as simple as a dirty sensor that needs a clean, although im no mechanic!
  9. I havn't yet actually. Ill look into it though, was going to pop back to the dealers about it as well in the week. Cheers bud!
  10. Think mine was about £45 odd from fords part department. That was a year ago though but It wont have changed much.
  11. I could live with it if it was just discolouring my headlamps, although it looks nasty, but im replacing the bulbs after every long journey as they get covered in the melted plastics and so the light doesnt shine through, which worries me for an mot or if the police pull me up.. But the main reason i want it fixed is because i've had enough of fords crap attitude towards it. I mean i paid em £300 for a warranty which covered nothing, then get told the problem is condensation, then after proving them wrong i get told its my fault, even though it happened when i bought the car as standard, a ye
  12. Cars a mk2.5 focus, year 2008. Its a style trim level. When I got the car, there was scorch marks on the plastic of the headlamp... The bulb was black and burnt. Went to fords, nowt wrong they said. So I whacked some new bulbs in there. Bosch ones. 2 days later, one went out... Took out the bulb, hole had melted through the glass.... covered in black stuff etc. Back to fords, they gave me two new headlight units.. This was 3 months ago. Since I noticed scorching/permanent misting happening over the passenger side again, so I thought i'd try LED sidelights. Popped them in, and it actual
  13. The day i picked the car up i tore the standard one off and on went the new one. Never looked back. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... highlight=
  14. Its normal, mine is the same! When I got the car, the air vents were so weak I thought they had installed an old man behind the dash, who was blowing air through a straw at me... Changed the filters and now when its set to 0, theres so much air coming through. I either close the vents, although air will still come though the footwells, or switch it to windscreen only posish!
  15. Ill have a look for you when Im home bud! Might be worth confirming it with fords first, just to make sure it is the lock thats gone
  16. Wish i could do this!! Insurance stops me everytime though :(
  17. This happened to 3 of my doors in the space of 8 months! Fords told me its an issue they had with the mk2 n 2.5's Fairly common. They replaced the locks each time but im still under warranty. The invoice was 100+ quid a go so if your brave with diy it might be worth picking the part up from a ford parts place n giving it a shot!
  18. Hmmm, this interests me too, pretty cheap, and made to look integrated in the fog bezels.. As long as the leds are the right brightness they should look pretty decent... They are very very similar to the MS design ones, but the ms design ones are bigger, so you have to cut the bumper to make them fit, and also alot more expensive.
  19. You won't have to hook them up from the battery directly. You just need a live and an earth from somewhere in the car and take it from there I believe. I'm not 100% sure on in but I think you'll need fuses if you go straight from the battery, to protect your leds. And a switch, unless you want them on every time the car is on!
  20. Yeah thats it, I mean, they're going to run new wiring for me in the install price, and the fella said it includes better wiring from amp to speakers.. Just wanted to make sure they could still have access as If im paying for it I may as well make sure it goes in, but I agree, I bet it would make no overall difference to SQ.
  21. yeah sod it, I'll be running 80 watt rms max anyway, not like its gonna make earthquakes haha, and besides the mk2 doors seem pretty solid,,, Now, just gotta find out if auto audio installations can pull new speaker wire through into the doors if they only have access through the speaker hole lol! If not, its gonna be a pain cutting holes into the right places in the deadening matts for the bolts etc.. Though, does the deadening material have to be all joined across the surface of the door? Ie, theres a panel that comes off the inner skin to allow access to the window mech and window g
  22. Aye cheers for the reply bud! There is indeed 2 bolts I believe under the grab handle, just a matter of popping the card off after that, but the inner skin has a panel, which has the window motor attached to it, and this is what I need to remove! Might have a pop at it tonight but, to be honest I dunno whether to bother, as I can't afford a repair if I can't put it all back together!
  23. As above, I have a mk2.5 2008 focus and want to remove the inner skin to gain access to the outer skin to sound deaden it. Can't find any info or how to's anywhere on the web at all. Cheers for any help. Paul.
  24. Hmmmmm, Im gonna be biased and also say mk2.5 as i own one lol! But the only differences I think are aestetics. They seem to of used alot of their kinetic design, like the swept style headlights, the groove down the side of the car, the front bumper is redesigned, the rear tailgate is different, it has the ford badge as part of the handle, not above it, the rear lights are slightly different in style, the interior radio is a lil different etc Other than that i dunoooo about engines and specs etc.
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