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  1. I've a Sony radio and have the same problem. Need the radio on level 5 and a USB stick on level 13, really makes you jump when the traffic news come on at level 13!
  2. My sidelight bulbs seem stuck in! Do you turn them clockwise or anti-clockwise to remove? I don't want to put too much force on them if I'm turning them in the wrong direction,
  3. Same thing happend with my sons Fiesta. He made the dealer re-order and also got them to add about £700 of extra onto the order. DON'T accept their first offer, they are in breach of contract, hold out for something more.
  4. You don't seriously think that a locking petrol cap is any deterrent? The locking bit is only a piece of plastic and easily broken. It's a lot easier to carry around a screwdriver than something the size of a petrol pump nozzle.
  5. Both my current 58 Titanium and old 55 Ghia have projector headlamps. They are the type that move with the steering. I too would like to know if it's easy to convert them to xeons.
  6. I had problems on my 55 reg Ghia, but now I have a 58 Titanium and it's much better. Perhaps they have improved it.
  7. I have just got a build date of 21st November from the garage. They say delivery is four week from build date and I may not get it before Christmas. What are other people’s experiences of the delivery cycle?
  8. I ordered a new Titanium 2.0 Petrol nearly 3 weeks ago and the dealer cannot give me a 'build date' yet. They said delivery would be 8 to 9 weeks when I ordered it.
  9. I think it's more than a £10 can of tyre weld, because the Ford options list show that on an ST you can have a 'mini spare spacer wheel' as a no cost option. When has a vendor given you something for nothing!
  10. I'm about to replace my 55 Ghia with a new Titanium and I have a question about the tyre repair kit that comes as standard on the ST. Can I purchase one of these and would it be ok to use on a Titanium? Sounds a lot easier than changing a wheel on the motorway on a wet and windy night.
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