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  1. Not sure they do the clear lenses for the mk2s.... not that I've ever seen... Only way to "detango" them I guess would be to open them up and put a light tint over the orange using tinting spray. this is a field I am very good in ;) please send me a light to try it out on someone, please :P
  2. I like bonnet bras.... I guess I am in the minority - but I am quite open minded these days ;)
  3. so... it's just a red light...... not a picture of anything.....? I don't own a MK2 of any sort so only really know the MK1 dash.....
  4. :wel to the ffoc Yea, get a picture of it pal..... :) Nao
  5. Crumbs is that what you class as "usual" ??!! :lol: I've not done any of those!! I am clearly going about this modding thing the wrong way! :lol: :P More like colour coding.. alloys... headlights... interior stuff.... etc.... although I'm not really clued up on mk2 mods :P
  6. Hair dryer and a screw driver and it'll be off 8) (oh, and lots of patience :P )
  7. Go for the Estate! :lol: Tis fine for my 2 kiddies and there's plenty of boot space for loads of stuff 8) can get more in the boot of my focus estate than my dad can in his mondeo :lol: mwahahahahaaa :lol:
  8. Looks gorgeous that 8) (paste the IMG url from photobucket in to your post to get the pic attached)
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