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  1. this is why Henry Ford was right in the First Place all should be Black :D:D
  2. whys the plate saying ford focus german?? looks nice car though
  3. :D:D:D:D sounds nice car got any pics not seen a saloon version bet thats bumped the milage up taken to the moon though :oops: i will leave after that poor joke
  4. looking good mate stunning mk2 JamesL, they come usuallu in a black plastic and you get a bodyshop to spray them the colour of your car :D:D
  5. i love my screen will never have another car without one :D:D
  6. Black or if i was only keeping it for year or so the Orange :twisted: :twisted:
  7. bah do we have to bring out the EVO and Impreza pics again 5drs can be driven fast as well :D:D
  8. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/index.php?c=10 here u go mate plenty of others as well :D:D
  9. looks good mate black always looks good dirty or clean :D
  10. Silver stays Cleaner but a shiney Black car is stunning :D
  11. 6 weeks ago my next car was a mondeo 100% now its 70 % mondeo 30 % 3 dr new focus :D and i can see it getting a lot closer when the time comes :D
  12. had a looksie myself today 5dr is not nice 3dr is very nice with a few mods i reckon you could make one hell of a car out of it :D
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