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  1. for future referance, bulb 380, available from halfords, £2.59 a pair, and its advised to change both bulbs at the same time.
  2. i wouldnt advise using boiling water, warm water would do the job, if the waters hot enough over the cold windscreen u cud create some thermal shock on the front n rear screens. If ur running a good concentrate of washer fluid it'll be able to withstand somethin upto -20 without freezing, so that would be the better option
  3. are these the ones that are just stickers and not the actual domed badges?
  4. did mine at 40k, im quite hard on the brakes sometimes and one or both of the discs were warped i think. Pads were changed first then discs, the pads were worn down alot so had to be changed, it was only after that i realised the discs needed changing too. Although i do think the discs had some life left in them, but it did have a bit of a lip on the outer edge.
  5. i never even knew the focus came with this option? saying tht ive never driven around with me seatbelt off, although my brother has a habit of taking a couple of minutes after beginning a journey to realise tht he hasnt put his on, so if it was gonna make a sound to warn me it would of done by now
  6. the wire for the aux in connector will go straight into the back of the stereo. Its a small 4 or 6 pin thing n it goes in the bottom left or right corner. U have to order the part from ford and it'll all come as one thing, then its a case of pullin the stereo n glove box out and feeding the cable round the back. http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/fiesta_ ... it_352.htm
  7. Are we talking about an illuminated ignition key barrel surround or the 12v power output (ciggie lighter)? apologies i misread, i was on about a ciggie lighter
  8. u can buy em from halfords if u really want one. just gta pull out the old one n put the new one in, the panel holding the 12v output will have to be pulled out for it to be removed, theres two tabs on the inside of it i think.
  9. i need to do this too, the wings been sittin in my living room for a few days. By the looks of it its just screws n bolts all over the place. Just need to get round to fitting it
  10. my pre-facelift has white led lights. Not the green one, its a 57 though. Try find a set of those?
  11. spray the surround and the adaptor at the same time? I was gonna suggest tryin autoleads as connects2 is usually alot more expensive but if uve got one already dnt matter too much lol
  12. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=176815
  13. hmm wudnt come up with anything cos theres two 1.8 tdci's http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... langId_-1# just whack ur reg in and it'll come up with the right one. Just make sure u check for differences with semi synthetic and fully synthetic on castrol oils. Ford petrol motors use 5w30 full synthetic, not sure bout the diesels
  14. what engine size, what year? tdci or tddi?
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