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  1. I'm sure they are shown in the "Ford boutque" catalogue, they just look like normal mats. The Orange rucksack looks good though
  2. Yes, although some of the Fast Fords, cossies etc hold there value well, as does the Puma. But in 12 months time the ST is going to be a total bargin :D
  3. I've not looked at the intercoolers on the ST so I don't know, but with the LCR yes
  4. Looks like the new ST is going to have rubbish residules if you can get them with massive discounts already.
  5. Also with the LCR the intercoolers are located behind the bumper, meaning you don't get enough airflow to cool the charge temp. Its best to have 1 big cooler :D
  6. sublime is now an offical colour and IRC its available on the Focus. The purple fiestas look pretty cool :mrgreen:
  7. The ST in a years time will be a bargin, even new it's reasonibily priced. To those that have ST's now, all I can say is How ? I thought Ford had stopped dealers registering them until the 9th December , yes they can be driven but only on trade plates
  8. They are starting to appear in dealers all over the place, although I doubt many customers cars will be delivered until the new year. CD Bramall Bedford have 5 orange ones in there yard and I've seen blue and red going up the A1. As for discounts, I'd give it 6 months if you are looking for a half decent amount off or go for a broker.
  9. The Auto lights and wipers aren't worth waiting for IMO oh and I saw a colorado red ST on a transporter and it would be my second choice, with orange being the first
  10. Just seen the orange one at the local stealers, it looks much better than any other colour. Almost tempted me to ask for a PX price on the Golf :D
  11. Does that do the dual zone function though ?
  12. They are listed in the Focus brouchure so i'm sure they will fit, as for the steering rack kit, why not fit it yourself ?
  13. I've got it in the Golf and would definatly spec it, it means the wife can have the sahara and I can have moscow settings :lol:
  14. not sure if this will work but ...... http://www.icctuning.com/idiomas/uk/esp ... _ford.html its how the focus should look
  15. Good choice with the Passat, the new ones look great, very classy.
  16. We've got one focus where the speedo reads 35mph when the car is standing still, however it only does it every so often
  17. From build to dealer will take about 3-4 weeks. Dealers can change the spec of a car within a week of its build,
  18. mmmmmm white :D , hate the wheels though.
  19. The trade seems to think that the value of the Focus will exceed the Astra VXR and possibly the Golf GTi
  20. Depends on what you ar PX it against, but around £10500 to £11000. Try www.whizzpopper.co.uk and find the link to value my car :D
  21. with the induction kit it tends to suck in the hot air around it. You also lose a small amount of torque. For best performance fit the panel filter :D
  22. nope, you will need a dedicated kit for your car. Give K&N a call, they might even ask if they can use your car as a prototype. But its not worth the drop in performance IMO
  23. he's right in a way, the best filter is the panel filter. Unless you want you wallet emptying and more noise, in which case the induction kit is the way to go
  24. If you want cruise control then you can only go for the Ghia, also if you want a Euro 4 car then you will have to wait.
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