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  1. I have a feeling my dads old focus ghia had these on, they didnt seem anything special to me but i think it depends on your driving style and what you expect from a tyre
  2. if i could get them in my size id have gone for michelin ps3's. Currently also running on rainsport 2's and took the car for its first proper drive with them on yesterday and id forgotten just how good the 170 can handle with proper tyres. The sidewalls are still a tiny bit softer than id like but all in all theyre a very grippy tyre.
  3. I find the driving position far better when I get back into my mk1 after driving my dad's mk2, everything just falls to hand so much better. So much more feel too. The mk2 has a more comfy normal ride though
  4. kind of comparing chalk and cheese there really, the st170 was never really designed to be smooth or quiet ;) My dads mk2 has crappy handcooked tyres on and theyre really quiet but also soft so id also say its more than likely tyres.
  5. was that maybe because they wanted you to buy there similarly rated tyres?
  6. My dad's manual 2.0 titanium averages about 32mpg and he really only drives it round the doors most of the time. Id expect your automatic to be less efficient so it may be just about right.
  7. Sounds pretty shocking, my st170 averages 31mpg with a similar mix of driving. And my dad's 2.0 mk2 titanium averages 33mpg and that only really ever gets driven round the doors!
  8. I dont think I would have let them do the tyres, they usually charge a fortune compared to other local tyre specialists!
  9. I can only compare it to other Ford's we have had in the family over the last 20 years and none of them have done this. I held it for a good 10 seconds before giving it some gas and it finally springing into life. Ive got a feeling it probably isnt the radio though. Jamz car did the same thing tonight at our local meet tonight and he an aftermarket radio.
  10. why would me pressing the throttle pedal down the first time round make it start?
  11. Its not a massive deal but its not something I would expect the car to be doing. Ive had my st170 almost 3 years now and its never not caught first time so it doesnt have to be normal.
  12. Ive been told that the Sony radio draws too much power when in standby so the battery doesnt have as much charge as it needs to start the car.
  13. My dads 2.0 petrol titanium has had an intermitent starting problem for ages now. It will randomly refuse to start on the first turn over, but will then fire first time when you try turning it over again. Id never actually experienced it myself but I had to use the car today and it did it. It kind of starts turning over normally but doesnt catch, then starts to splutter and jerk about a bit. My dad always just turns the key back to position 0 or 1 and tries again but I held it a bit longer and gave the car some gas and it did actually catch and start. Ive heard that the radio could be the
  14. the silver 'thing' on the back looks pretty awful
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