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  1. I've occasionaly but just put it down to not being put in gear fully, its only happened to me like 5 times in two years
  2. mattburton79, Welcome! Defo get some more pics up when you get chance!
  3. I don't but want to myself so will be keeping a close eye on this thread
  4. 57 plate had since new - 1.8 petrol and just hit over 26k :( Got a new job close to home now so should re-coup that a bit!
  5. dippydan, Cheap pot pf Brake paint from Halfords, they've got a few other colours as well THink is was about £10 and I've got about 3/4 left over
  6. Done the front cal's on mine but painted them blue to match the colour
  7. Got o ford to get it sorted, I've got tiny bit of rust underneath my bonnet which I'm getting sorted. The only trouble is isn't the smoothest of jobs. I've had to get to the dealer, they take pics, then send to ford who make authorise the work, as far as I know you have o go through the middle man
  8. When speaking to it if you forget a command or sub menu just say Help and it will give you the options
  9. oobster, Beautiful, I've got the Zetec version same wheels and colour so you've got the best choice :)
  10. Looking good mate, I like! Have you lowered it at all? looks like its a little high up atm?
  11. Just had a service and my pads are down to 30% but didn't want to pay the 135 quid that the dealer quoted. I'm on a 57 plate and someone mentioned that ford doesn't release the pads to 3rd parties for 3 years anyone know if this is true? If not anyone know of a good place to get some?
  12. Same issue here, Combination of the iPod and port just not being able to give enough power into the radio.
  13. Just got it but have to wait till Saturday to do it. I know theres some instructions with it (Havn't had chance to read them yet) But wondering if there is any need for me to do a How-to ? If not then I won't bother . Nick
  14. Mine was used for one of the research cars for Piper - Its the same placment as the ST one just I went for a twin outlet (at least as far as I can remeber was a good year ago now!)
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