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  1. yeah resprayed the inside on my headlights same colour as my car 8)
  2. Easy Put it in the oven for 5 -8 mins slowly roast take it out get 4 flate bladed screwdrivers one on each corner and push and mine just popped out so easy :D
  3. Just put an induction kit on it instead. makes a dump noise when you lift off. sounds quite good. Dan
  4. Im From Leicester not to far away go on ease midlands section mate im planning a event soonish. Dan
  5. its on the drivers side of the car the plastic thing above the Fog light its just under that. Dan
  6. IMO Sell them and buy some angel eye headlights. Dan
  7. Well i'm just about to do mine soon (sometime this week) and ive bought porsche yellow. I'll show you all pictures soon. Dan
  8. I've got the black ultra LED ones as Will89 says there Chavish.. Heres some pics of mine if you find some black ones buy them even if some of the LED's are broken as they are really simple to replace.. Thanks Dan
  9. erm i didnt i used a hot air gun, on my old peugeot i did it with a set of rear lights and the plastic melted coz i left them in for to long so i gave up haha. Dan
  10. haha yeah it was a right ball ache, as rockernao said patience is the key, and yeah i stabbed my self with the screw driver a few times haha. I used just silicone that you use round the the bathroom the clear stuff. Dan
  11. yeah you have to melt the silicone round it ive recently done my angel eye headlights so it will be the same. any questions just PM me. Dan
  12. yeah its probably the wires are in the way it tuck me ages to pop them in the right place, but mine sit completly flush all over. Dan
  13. yeah black ones are the best the chrome ones dont look as nice. Dan
  14. yeah its the most simple job, the 2 screws over the numberplate bulb holder unscrew them and the bulb is just there replace its ive got LED ones in. Dan
  15. yeah there amazing, like if u look behind u and look at sign post and stuff like that, stuff that reflects the lights its my lights that are making the posts red lol, there just so bright and they look really good. so id rate the 9/10 Dan
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