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  1. my 2005 mk5 zetec has a low washer fluid warning, not sure if its on all mk2 or just on some models though.
  2. Tebbs4489, front bumper already primed i think. as zetecste said, removal and fitting by ureself will bring costs down. the strips get pretty bent up when u take them off, might be best getting primed ones, will save on sanding and priming costs too.
  3. when you turn the engine on or when you start moving?
  4. air still comes through my fans when they're off and im moving, i think its normal. cant help with anything else tho, my car seems to have a similar, but quite minor juddering when idle.
  5. but its so satisfying at the same time. :lol:
  6. after having a few SD cards ide recomend an 8gb or higher one. i can fit a few movies or loads of high quality mp3s on it.
  7. with the right tyres on it the radius of the wheels should stay the same, so the car should sit at the same hight. and not need the speedo recalibrated either.
  8. http://www.ruderacing.co.uk/Suspension_ ... Mk2_(2004+)_Suspension-Ford_Focus_Mk2_(Hatch)_Suspension/c713_804_823_825/p162470/Eibach_Lowering_Springs_for_Ford_Focus_Mk2_Hatchback_(2004+)/product_info.html when going through the ordering proccess there is a FFOC discount available, think its a tick box. will reduce the price to about 115£ if i remember right.
  9. its more than worth it, get them bought :!:
  10. it'll be fine, worry more about cleaning the glue stuff off the car. the guy who did mine had to use power tools :shock:
  11. the guy that did mine didnt use a hair dryer, he had a plastic tool to slip behind them untill he could get his fingers in, then he pulled (and pulled) untill they were off. they come with pins and double sided tape stuff on them and you cant really go wrong puting them on. credit card might work, leave the car out in the sun for a while to warm up the tape on the old strips or something.
  12. darando, you can get the door strips, fog brows and boot handle primed. but the strip on the back bumper cant be bought primed.
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