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  1. Cool thanks you two, no sure they are steal or not they are the ones that were on the car from ford, couple of options though cheers guys. 8)
  2. My ford locking wheel nuts are getting on my nerves, they just keep rusting up, is there any covers out there that anybody no's of that will cover them up :roll:
  3. Looking well nice captain 8) Loving the roof rap, I was gonna get mine done due to a couple of scratches on my roof, was it expensive?
  4. Just stick it in the tank when you are near empty then go and fill up, it takes about 100ish miles to get working but you should see an improvement . Most people on here get it off eBay I think, but you can get it from decent motor stores, you will be fine to a motorway run afterwards proberly be better get it running through the parts quicker.
  5. I had this with my 1.8 tdci went to ford loads of times and they just kept saying no fault found it really wound me up, they are terrible. Stick some BG244 in the tank which will give it a good clean out and won't effect your warranty like taking the egr valve off will, this stuff sorted mine. 8)
  6. Yea its a good old diesel 8) , yea mines after the rear box. Not sure about the emissions issue to be honest .
  7. Without a dought it should of been mate. 8)
  8. Here you go then, my zetec s As you all say I am sure I have put it on here somewhere before in a thread like this. 8)
  9. There was a video on YouTube somewhere, you pull the steering wheel as far forward as you can then unclip the plastic cover at the bottom, then this reviles two screws if I remember right, unscrew them and it pulls from the bottom and out. Hope this helps 8)
  10. Yea they look nice, but blimey :shock:
  11. There is a nice 2.0 diesel RS replica on eBay at the moment, not sure how to link to it or I would do.:(
  12. I spotted this today as well looks well dodgy. :shock:
  13. Cool thanks for the replies guys, if worst comes to the worst I will take out the st pod and fit a storage compartment there because my focus has the titanium interior any way so I was surprised it didn't get one fitted as standard.
  14. Yea true, they will try and wriggle out of anything I suppose, as someone said to me the warrenty isn't worth a hoot most the time anyway it's just a way that helps them sell the car in the first place.
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