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  1. Go back in six months when you've gotten used to 'real' driving and I bet you get more out of the test drive.
  2. The day you passed your driving test?!
  3. Fair enough. Will be interested to know how well it sells.
  4. Why the limited production then?
  5. Because it's a special edition... :?:
  6. I hope that is the case and it can be fixed quickly and easily because the Focus is an excellent vehicle. It's just that I was once caught out by a Ford main dealer who sold me a 6 month old car that had had a resprayed front door. He didn't tell me at the time and I ended-up having to have it re-done (courtesy of Uncle Henry)but the re-sprayed door was never as good as the original. Cheers, Nick Don't be fogged off by any excuses from Ford, get a second opinion from an independant body shop if needs be!
  7. Black Zetec headlights might be a popular item...
  8. Agree on the Vignale completely! And with the SLK, especially the new one (my mum has one) Also, agree with the RS. Understated in the way to. Still a shame its not 2.0 T. And there are concepts for the next gen. CTR knocking around.
  9. First look at the a 5 dr Mk2 ST undergoing testing: No estate this time around though. The RS, with improved front ventilation and vented bonnet, plus previously un-seen wheels: And finally, the Vignale CC supposely being offered with the 1.6VCT and 2.0 Duratec, with the possibility of a 2.0 TDCi and maybe an ST version too:
  10. For the mk1 you could get springs and dampers, but you didnt need to have both. You can fit the springs to OE dampers. The Springs are firmer and do lower the car some-what but they are functional and not purely aesthetic. They are progressively wound too, so arent rock solid and provide a sporty but comfortable ride. Adding dampers improves things further but at extra cost.
  11. No, you are right. Even the mk1 Zetec hard stiffer suspension but is fitted as standard. The Eibach kit is a dealer option that you can spec at extra cost. Definately go for this!
  12. Looks awesome. I really like it. If I can sort a decent job post-graduation I shall be looking into one of these next year.
  13. Congrats on the purchase! and well come to the forum. I certainly hope you wont be ticking that box?
  14. Oh god, I'm turning into my dad :( Chris. It's ok, I'm only 21 and have been looking at a TDCi for the same reasons!!
  15. Thats such a shame, no way of taking out a shorter lease and changing sooner for 2.0TDCi? I've not driven one, but I think you will be disappointed with 1.6TDCi even compared to your 1.8. Is a 2.0 Petrol completely out of the question? Again, annoyingly, they've dropped the 1.8 Zetec now!
  16. Chris hold out for the 2.0!! Brilliant car and goes like the clappers. I drove it back to back with a mk1 1.8 TDCi and there is a big difference, dred to think what the 1.6 must be like. Where are you from? My local dealer has 2.0 TDCi demonstrator. Try ringing around as some dealers must have one! Waiting list could be a serious problem though...
  17. Hard to really make out the detail when its black, looks good but not the best colour for a demo car to show off a kit!
  18. Erm, well sorry to dissapoint you but i have tried them. My mum has them on her Merc. Mercedes didnt charge us extra for them either.
  19. Because the 2.0 is a much better engine! I liked the mk2, but then i did test a powerful spec'ed up Zetec. The 1.8 has just been revived on the MK2. Dubious of this...
  20. And your point is...? This is exacltly what I meant - manufactured needs. Things we can live without but are 'convinced' by manfacturers/pushy salespeople/marketing that we can't live without them. I study Product Design at University and I'm in the middle of writing a very long and boring report on issues such as these - it's called technology push. There's no actual demand from customers for lights to look around corners, but manufacturers develop the technology and market it as safer. It just adds another 'selling point' to a product. Central locking, ABS, CD players, are all 'technology pu
  21. Yeah but cost wasnt the point. They might cost £500, but at least Xenons offer a real improvement. I think Lee's quote sums it up nicely, Ford just need to keep up. And at the end of the day, thats the nature of doing business!
  22. Another 'manufactured need' that we dont actually need but more importantly, another way to make money! We've all managed driving at night for however long we;ve been driving so far, so do we really need lights that look around corners now to make driving at night safer? Xenons are a worthy upgrade as they create a better light and have a longer life time but paying extra for moving headlights seems a little pointless.
  23. Because the 2.0 is a much better engine! I liked the mk2, but then i did test a powerful spec'ed up Zetec.
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