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  1. Hi Mike been meaning to get in touch before now had a problem with my old laptop Microsoft stopped working could get everything up but could not answer anything.Now i am using Google i have carried over from last year my car pass and one ticket will try and persuade my wife to join me looking forward to it be nice to get back to what people are calling a New Normal will be nice to meet you all again just settling down to watch Wales play France hope it is a good game .Stay Safe everyone see you all soon.
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  2. Hi Mike Everything sorted logged onto Eventbrite site and printed my Tickets out from there, Kelvin
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  3. Yes our stand won't be complete without me as I will be bringing the club gazebo and yes you just might but no one can be certain how things will pan out this year and you'll only find me first if I am there with my car and haven't already wandered off for a nosey round as we have friends on another club stand too .
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  4. I`ll be going the afternoon before hand, so i`ll see most of you on the day, i`ll be with a different club, and you`ll have a chance to see my awesoem work both on my interior and my mate`s interior. Can`t wait really now
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  5. Hi Guys. I have carried my ticket over. 1 person. 1 car.
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  6. Hi There. I have carried my ticket over. 1 person 1 car Regards and hopefully see you all there ! Karl (Thimbles)
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  7. As Mark says, a shame but we might get it sorted yet, and you might feel better.
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