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  1. Buy a code reader of EBay for £30 then post up the code for help. Dan
  2. Make sure that the alternator is charging the battery as you don't want to have it happen again. Dan
  3. It can't see how the radio can cause this, but it sounds like the Imobilizer just didnt have enough time to clear. This happens alot on the Mk1 & Mk1.5 models dan
  4. These kits do not work if the side wall is damaged, they are only ment for a puncture.
  5. If you drive through any reasonable size puddle you should always keep the throttle open. By stepping off the throttle the water is sucked back through the exhaust and into the engine causing a hydrostatic lock(cylinders filling up with water) this causes conrods to bend and if unlucky the crank and block become damaged. Dan
  6. Not the 3m one but will do the same. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Moulding-Stripe-R ... .m20.l1116 Dan
  7. You can get the warranty extended for another 2 years i believe. Dan
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