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  1. Yes Yes Yes! best thing ive done IMO Ive not gone too dark.... around 85 rear, and 75 rear sides: You can see out them no bother!
  2. Just in the process of cleaning mine :D
  3. Panel filter all the way... induction kits always suck in hot air from the engine bay!
  4. There are also additional wires taht you do not need to connect to anything! As long as you have the sounds on top lead, its all plug and play, no wiring needs doing what so ever
  5. K&N Panel filter are the best IMO
  6. Its not THAT hard... do you have a sound on top lead? The sound on top lead plugs into the standard wiring loom, then into the parrot then into the back of the stereo.... Find somewhere to hide all the wires, find somewhere to put the contoller, and it all plugs into the blue box
  7. Ill let you know soon... as ill be getting in the car :lol:
  8. Im sure the windscreen washer fluid is on the right hand side of the trip
  9. Before you do that, i would be getting new manifold, better exhaust before getting a remap done
  10. If you know what your doing you can get one cheap ;) But bluefin do not do any for the mk2 focus yet... but it is possible to get the mk2 remaped
  11. Well they were cheap for me ;) Number plate bulbs are festoon type (cannot remember size)
  12. Debadged.... LED Rear numberplate lights, LED Side Lights, LED Interior bulbs, HIDS's, Tinted Windows.........
  13. My Titanium has tweeters all round as standard, so adding one wont be a problem
  14. +1 there are no clips... these are just posision'ers.
  15. mine is always on sport mode... cant stand the comfort or normal modes
  16. Just remove the one bolt, and the whole light comes out... thats it
  17. go on Ronnie, get one :P
  18. Anyone want a roll cage fitted to their car... Safety Devices are doing a freebee: http://www.safetydevices.com/index.php? ... &Itemid=41 Just like Piper did with their exhausts
  19. Erm, they might do if they are bolt ons? if not, you'll be able to buy a new foot pack from Halfords
  20. I use Avon ZZ3's... swear by them, but im now going to try the Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta when the Avons' wear down
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