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  1. There is instructions in the pack... You have to connect everything up but the patch lead, turn on the ignition tune in a station, turn off the ignition plug the patch lead in again and turn ignition back on, and then wait for it to find the station you tuned in then it should all work :)
  2. Just found your other thread... Focus's have ignition lead built into the Quadlock already, so no need for cam bus ignition finder, or the cheap way is just to find an ignition from the fuse box (you dont need to know any of this anyway as your car has ignition) PC99-X50 is what you should be looking for with a JVC patch lead... so forget the link i posted in first post http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/autolead ... -2641.html Select JVC patch lead (+£5.00) When you get it, there is a specific order you have to follow to get your steering wheel controls to work
  3. Depends what stereo your getting and if you have steering wheel controls... the steering wheel controls uses' canbus. You will need a PC2-84-4 and an arial adapter (stereo dependant) http://www.incarexpress.co.uk/view_prod ... tno=PC2844 Connect it all up and it will work. If you want to keep your steering wheel controls (stereo dependant), you will need a different lead (cant remember the part code off the top of my head) I fit loads of these
  4. It is can bus, but what are you trying to do? Might have got a quicker reply if you explained what your trying to achieve If its a new stereo all you need is a quadlock, or if your going for hands free kit you need an SOT lead Here's a tutorial on how to remove the stereo: http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/ford-focu ... eo-removal
  5. I wish, £100 a peice when these bad lads go... you cannot pop the bearing out, its a whole assembly Mine went too at just 40k miles... sounds like its a common fault with these Focus's Mine was rear drivers side, but out of warranty :(
  6. Just take the fuses out one at a time, you can see if they're blown or not. Check under the bonnet first... could even be a relay
  7. You get a new washer tube with the ST spoiler (its like an extension) you also get another connector... See step 4 here: http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/how-to-fi ... st-spoiler
  8. All the modifications and stuff should be in the one sticky thread here: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=175481
  9. Perhaps a more measured approach to depressing your right foot? Given an inappropriate driving style, you could easily wear out tyres that quickly on even the most under-powered of cars. Sounds like mine... but thats not the front tyres... i go through rear tyres more then anything
  10. What the hell do you use redex and optimax together... optimax does the same stuff as the redex, and your not supposed to put half a bottle in... only to the notches
  11. Ouch that sucks, but TBF wolfrace alloys are made out of butter so easily done... I have a slight buckle in my ST alloy but its only slight, will get it sorted out when i get the wheels refurbished in the summer
  12. But then again, if thats what your used to, you get to know the tyre, but then when you change to something different you realise what you've missed out on :lol:
  13. Meh i would keep with the rain sport 2's over summer, its more likely going to be raining then dry :lol:
  14. Yep I take mine to my local garage and they fit them.
  15. Aye and they also wear so quick
  16. Hammerite is just as good as anything :)
  17. Im running ST rims on mine, and paid around 80 quid a corner IIRC (it was slightly less then Avons's)
  18. There is an earth bolt near the boot lid opening iirc... if you open the boot and look down to where the catch of the boot locks in place, remove this plastic trim and look into wards the left hand corner... i put mine there
  19. If you asked me this question around this time last year i would have said Avon ZZ3's but ive now moved onto Uniroyal RainSport 2's, and i wish i had changed sooner Grip is fantastic in dry and shockingly good in the wet :D And even better, the tread is massive and lasts for ages... will be buying these again :D
  20. I did mine as soon as i got it, silver all round (as they were silver anyway) Red is proper gash IMO.... if you have drums at the rear, paint black.
  21. I have the sill scuff plates, and yes they are worth the money, didnt have them on my mk1 focus and i was for ever polishing out scratches which i did when i got in/out the car Although 60 is fairly pricey (mine came fitted with them), maybe have a look on ebay or somewhere like that for cheaper ones
  22. It'll be alright with the ST spoiler with the straps as the holes in the spoiler line up with the straps I just put a bit of foam type stuff (pipe insulation) where the strap bends around the spoiler
  23. Cant say mud flaps save the paintwork like... I had some fitted and still got stone chips and things, have now removed them and still the same. In fact the mud flaps kinda removed some paint where they were rubbing on the body
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