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  1. i've had phillips xtreme visions in my MK2 before they were ok but not amazing bt the way if the photo you have is your current car that isnt a mk3 its a mk2.5 or a face lift MK2 :wink:
  2. you could do it yourself :D the high and low preassure ports are easilly accesible, i believe you need to use the low preassure port which can be found near the drivers side headlamp between it and the top of the front grill. should look like a bottle screwtop on top of a pipe. you can get refil bottles from Halfrauds etc and the pump/gauge/thingy to put it into the system with. otherwise just google it for the likes of ATS/Kwikfit and or call your local dealer :wink:
  3. have you tried ringing around a few main dealers to get a quote? it might be "free" if you can kid them into thinking it needs a softwarre upgrade, then again they will probably know when they plug it into their equipment if the ECU or anything else has been tinkered with have you done any work on it that may have upset it? psssst btw your post really ought to be in here: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... orum&f=230 :wink:
  4. someone did a how to ages ago on how to do that for a MK1.5 focus, in fact i think it was a guy called evilbat, not here now sadly but he had a cracking red focus with red headlights, most different! it maybe in the how to section but basically he had to break the light apart in a "controlled" fashion, and then spray them while masking off the important bits. it wont be for the faint hearted.
  5. every person ive spoken to so far that i credit with decent opinions on cars hates it. volvo for me next
  6. well i went to the BTCC at oulton park today and team AON were running the MK3 already! seemed to be performing poorly agaisnt the other cars, seems silly when they only just got the MK2 working well, a MK2 did win the 3rd and final race it is starting to look a BIT better but not by much
  7. a lot of the hatches out there now look derivative Astra>focus focus>astra
  8. what are the usual mods? it differers a bit depending on the individual, id say normally that includes changing the air filter for a panel or at least Induction kit, lowering, performance exhaust and maybe some new brakes. i had a 1.6 mk1 and to be honest it was pointless modding the engine i thought, might as well start out with a bigger engine
  9. a focus coupe would be fine as long as it looks better, trouble is it will in all likelyhood be more expensive, i dont need a 5 door hatch at this point in time 3 doors are fine and look nicer imho, no i dont think my next car will be a Ford sadly (for them)
  10. im aiming at a volvo next, yes you heard me ill do it! bwahahahahaaaaa
  11. i dont care if its got a V8 under the bonnet it looks awful, doesnt even look like the sportier model, and no 3 door version? pah
  12. well my late 2007 baby is in for its second service, i got it dec 2007 so bit of a daft time to buy a car :oops: hopefully nothing untoward will be found, they said they would wash n valet it so be nice for it to get a clean, im not bothered if its a quick jobbie either as long as it gets the worst off
  13. curiously my 3 door zetec came with them despite them not being an option, i put this down to mine being one of the final MK2 models before the MK2.5 so i think they just emptied the parts bin, not that im complaining BUT i think that the wiring loom that runs through the vehicle might allow you to add it although how you get the roof lining off without damaging it is another matter
  14. hmmm i got a letter from polar ford yesteday but tossed it aside immediatly thinking they were after more money. does the dealer you bought it from inform you or Ford UK themselves
  15. Aye is a bit daft if you ask me, but the ford salesmen told me the AC is always on even just slightly dunno how much truth is in that
  16. press it a 4th time and the universe implodes :mrgreen:
  17. Yes but it does nothing. it does it goes clunk :lol: :wink:
  18. me too just part of the usual Illumination test when you turn the key :mrgreen:
  19. ill tells you what they are dude they are the moving headlight ones that move when you turn the wheel :wink: are those the ones you are after cause he doesnt seem to say thats what they are :wink:
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