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  1. Oh good, that sounds great, ive had thos problem a while now on the passenger side. Thanks guys. Also the two bolts either side of the rear of the armrest came loose by themselves... try looking at yours too as i think this squeaks a bit too.
  2. If you follow the illumination lead from your cigar lighter you'll find it. Think they are orange or orange with a yellow stripe on the 2007's
  3. pull the 501 map ones straight out with fingers or gently with needlenose pliers.... (Very Gently) I couldnt get my fingers in lol.
  4. I want to do this formine when they arrive. Do they require serious rubbing down?
  5. Is there a blanking button on the left of the heated window buttons beneath the stereo. Its not rreally a button, more of a blank that lights up. If this has been added by the previous owner then that will cause this problem. He may have swapped it for a newer focus mate. If this is there and you can try removing the plug to see if that helps. All it is is a small plug that you push a little lug down and pull out. Only thing is to access it you need to pull radio out and put hand down the gap. Very Easy. Ford will charge the Earth for removing things. additionally, have the seats been cha
  6. 1. Bonnet... You won't slice your hands, the grill will protect you. 2. Have you added a button/blanc in the center console. If not, what light is on?
  7. Just google at mo from me, however it will fit, there will be no problems bar be carefull with the locking barrel (where the key goes). If you snap that, you wont get bonnet open... should be ok if you're gentle.
  8. THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1.6 Duratec Ti-VCT Petrol 1596cc 4 cyllinders in line; DOHC; 16 valves; Twin Independant Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT); alloy cyllinderhead and block; electronic multipoint fuel injection; with electronic throttle. 84 kW (115 PS) at 6000 min-1 (RPM) AND 1.6 Duratec Petrol 1596cc 4 cyllinders in line; DOHC; 16 valves; alloy cyllinderhead and block; electronic multipoint fuel injection; with electronic throttle. 74 kW (100 PS) at 6000 min-1 (RPM) Not much in it really.
  9. Where are we now. It's been a long time and i now have the real deal. I do miss that titanium ST Lookalike.
  10. That was quite helpful actually and mentioning the tough parts and where best to pull and that it still has the clip above the temperature control knob. Although thinking about it, is it better... It makes it harder for us if we don't have trim tools, as screwdrivers are likely to damage the trim. It was quite simple with the removal keys and provided a much safer and less damaging approach. Don'tknow if i like Ford's way of thinking sometimes.
  11. Went out to the car this morning to take out the stereo and was stopped in my tracks. As i went to put the stereo removal keys in, i discovered that the holes were missing. I have the newest shapped sony with the black ST surround... I had a good look about but coldn't see anything that would help me have it off. Didn't wanna stick screwdrivers in anywhere as don't want to damage anything.
  12. TOO TRUE REVOLTS... I NICKED IT JUST LOOKING FOR PIC AND DISCOVERED IT WAS SAME. BATTERIES IN CAMERA WERE dead and i just realised caps was on and can't be bothered to type that all again...
  13. Hiya peeps, does anyone have a 2007 and on focus with the deatc a/c controls. Just wondered if i could get a pic. I have one suposedly for the 2007 but i'm sure its not right. The one i have is below... Excuse the little blue plug, thats just a (prop-up for the pic). I coulda sworn blue murder that this was the 2005 onwards one but cant be sure. If anyone could get a pic, i'd love it cheers.
  14. It is a struggle to get hold of what you want. As for the coulour, all you need is a touch up pen and you could re-paint it. If you have a stready hand of course. I really want an ST but the only ones i have found are 1:32 Black and Blue Plastic, Quite detailed with blacked out windows. Apart from that, Burago make a really poor very crappy 1:24 ST in Orange, Black, Blue, Red, Silver and Yellow. I collect focus models so had to get em. Except the yellow as ford never made one in yellow.
  15. XDMODELS.COM OR LINKS TO EBAY STORE BELOW http://cgi.ebay.com/1-18-2007-NEW-Ford- ... m153.l1262 http://cgi.ebay.com/1-18-2007-NEW-Ford- ... m153.l1262 http://cgi.ebay.com/1-18-2007-NEW-Ford- ... m153.l1262 http://cgi.ebay.com/1-18-2007-NEW-Ford- ... m153.l1262 All the above are 1:18 Scale. Left Hand drive, and are Japanese Spec Zetec or Ghia Models. So far there are no European varients, but the models may be cosomised as i understand the bumpers are plastic and with a little care might be able to be swapped with other models. The Wheels on the Saloon version are similar to the Eur
  16. What size are you after. 1:18 Big MK2 Road Versions Ghia and Zetec. Very good detail 1:24 ST's Not very good by Burago 1:32 ST's By a Jap Company. Quite good, plastic bodied pull backs 1:32 Minichamps, Ghia Hatch, Titanium Estate, and CC's Let me know and i'll point you out. Colours help also. + There are a number of MK1's out there as well.
  17. Sorry guys. I realise now that it was a bit silly going on like that with Hannah's help it was difficault. But as our friendship becomes stronger, we have begun to understand each other and although she still loves me more than the world goes round, i realise that one thing everyone needs is friends and i know i don't know any of you but, surely this site is full of good people and i would call you all friends anyday... especially if you read all this crap. Sorry i messed you about, good for the laugh but wrong. Take care guys... keep a look out, looks like i'm gettin the ST.
  18. OK, WE GIVE UP. Don't know why it started. It was my idea for Hannah to get on FFOC as she is an owner and needs friends like u lot. I was busted a few times but it started to become fun with all of you becoming detectives. WELL DONE, YOU'RE ALL VERY CLEVER.... The Truth. Hannah is my ex and i did leave her for the Polish bird. My story wastrue, i just left out Hannah. Im bad but i though the grass was greener. We are very good friends though now and i'd like everyone to know that she is a really nice and careing person. Even if she is crap with spellings. Thumbs up to Han and Thumbs up t
  19. i got some nice rings for my headlights but can't open the blumeing things to get the in there.
  20. Don't the ST's have Xenons with up/down... or is it just interior brightness.
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