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  1. Hi flatfour - the speed signal is sent from the ABS module to the Instrument Pack via CAN. Maybe your needle is sticking on the gauge?
  2. it only needs to be a bit either side of vertical and the a/c won't come on. a/c when it is on and demisting makes a huge difference to clearing the mist on the screen.
  3. EBD = Electronic Brakeforce Distribution - this changes the amount of braking force front to rear depending on load, braking force etc. Generally ESP or Traction Control can be turned off but ABS, EBD etc stays active. EBA - Emergency Brake Assist is the function which applies full hydraulic braking force you sensing high braking force and then helping you out!! Scary first time it happens - reassuring the next time!!
  4. myjess - which position is the distribution control in?? If it is on windscreen then it will bring the air con on automatically to help with demisting.
  5. Hi Jess - yes it is a combined MAP/IAT sensor Think the 2 issues are related that you have - will scratch my head and see if i can come up with some things to check for you!!
  6. The dealer needs to carry out a software download using IDS and select English
  7. The speaker are not oval they are round on the Mark 2!! Think they're 16 or 16.5 cm in diameter
  8. i'm adding tweeters as got ST seats and door cards but they came without the tweeter in so i have a big hole!! Wiring was in place on my car for the tweeters just need something to fill the hole and make some noise!!
  9. Hi i am after 2 rear door tweeters for a Mk2 Focus. Do you know if there are any aftermarket ones that fit or have you got some lying around i could have? cheers!
  10. myjess - needs doing at a dealer as they need to reprogram the airbag system. also they shouldn't charge a fortune to do the job as Ford have deliberately made it a low cost option - friend paid less then £50 for the part and fitting recently
  11. pigeonian - it can be done using the Ford system - there is a How to in the forum above. I've done it to mine and works a treat - dial etc off the headunit - brilliant
  12. Cheers for the help guys - managed to remove it late last night - there is a circlip holding on the handle (well more like a spring clip) and once I'd broken the trim around the handle I found it!! Still when I get new bit of trim I know how to remove handle now. Will take some photos next time for everyone else!!
  13. Not sure - asked a friend who works for Ford if it could be turned on as I always lock my doors when i get in the car but would be easier if the car did it automatically and they told me the above statement! Guess it becomes the owners responsibility if it is done in the dealers?
  14. it's a feature available on the mk2 but for "legal" reasons can't be enabled.
  15. Thanks Geoff looked for a hole or such like and can't see one plus i've pulled handle like mad but can't shift it!!! :-)
  16. Hi how do you remove the rear window handle on manual rear windows? Thanks!
  17. led or normal? still not fitted mine yet!! will do it when back off hols! got to get soldering iron out!!! be interested in how you get on with the cluster!
  18. Forgot to say - you need to remove from the car side not the door side!!
  19. Hi revoltos - from what i can work out it pulls out from the top first! Not tried on my car - will leave that up to you!! :-) Hopw you're well!
  20. They may be Michelin crap in your eyes but they last forever as they are quite a hard compound hence the increased road noise I would prefer longer life and a little more noise as a pay off but then I do drive approx 700 miles a week so appreciate the lowered running costs! Just my opinion!
  21. 16V - but with a choice of 2 power outputs 100PS - 1.6 16V 115PS - 1.6 16V Ti-VCT Hope that helps!
  22. Do you both have diesels? The red lead looks as if it is for a high current application? What colour wires are in the white plug? Might be for additional electric heater on a diesel.
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