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  1. Just recently replaced the Continental Sport Contact 3 that I had on my 17's - they were very good in the dry & wet but were terrible in the frost / ice / snow - I know it's been a bad winter but they were so much worse than I can ever remember - ABS was kicking in regularly. The replacements are Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 - loads quieter than the Conti's, great dry grip & wet grip is even better. No ice to try them on now but on a slippy grass verge with very soggy mud they grip better whereas the Conti's just spun & got the traction control cutting in. There's quite a few re
  2. Get ya nose inside the screen wash bottle & have a good sniff - happens a few times on the MK1's & just needs a good clean out at least that will rule out an easy fix :D
  3. Remap probably the best - maybe the remapper can advise on further mods but as above maybe intercooler - probably won't gain anything by capping off the egr tho' unless it's knackered but you'd almost certainly know that by all acounts. Maybe run it on Shell V-Power Diesel & put some Millers Diesel Power Sport 4 additive into the fuel tank. Try on tdocuk.com forum for some extra info :D Oh & you are removing your dragon box before the remap aren't you :wink:
  4. I'd get it down to a refurber & see if they can weld it up. Had a hairline crack welded in my 18's & the guy said it would be just as strong (if not more) than it was before - in fact he said they never get any back.
  5. YP - the new oil goes black almost straightaway & looks like it hasn't been changed :shock:
  6. Had the same issue on the wifes Fiesta - in fact there was an inch or two of water in the spare wheel well :shock: I sealed all over the outside of both hinges including top of bolts / nuts & not just around the hinge where it touches the body. Think I covered the whole thing in sealant & it's dry as a bone now :D
  7. Can't go wrong with the Toad alarms IMO. Got the Toad A850T2 in my MK1.5 & it's been faultless - works with OE Ford remote & with the deadlocking. As your's is a MK2 I would send a pm to MR TOADINSTALLER (in the Ice & Security Forum) & he may be able to recommend actual available models.
  8. Try to get some refills - my local motor spares shop said you can't change the rubbers in the aero wipers but I found that VW sell them seperate for theirs so it may be worth a look on ebay for the Ford refills.
  9. foxyfocus, Looks great mate - like the frowning look 8) adampick, sikaflex 221 should do the trick.
  10. Is it an aftermarket alarm Teribus, if so it may have an override key that fits in somewhere :?
  11. Only used Toyo T1-R in 18" & find them very good in both wet & dry. Had Falken 512 (total crap) & Khumo in 17" - not good in the wet but Bridgestone RE050A (assymetrical one) great in wet & dry but maybe a bit noisey. Would certainly get the Toyo as they seem to wearing OK aswell.
  12. well mate if they dont ive got every confidance in Mikeyg1981 making a "how to" on getting them fitted and wired up! :) :wink: fo shizal ma nizzle :lol: :DIs that Scottish Michael :lol:
  13. The Osram Rainbow ones are good but you can clearly see the rainbow colour coming thru' - fine I suppose of ya want that look. The Phillips ones are good aswell (got 'em in the front indicators on mine) & they shine brighter than standard orange bulbs. Both are good 8)
  14. I like the new front end but I just don't like the back of the MK2 - can't get away with it TBH.
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