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  1. He means 18 or above, otherwise the wheel won't clear the caliper
  2. What model is your car? Is your car a 1.6 Zetec Jeans?
  3. Pilot Sports are awesome if you can afford them, if not Goodyear Eagle F1s are a damn good 2nd choice IMO
  4. Keep the disks until they are ruined and have a nice big lip. You should be looking at 2-3 sets of pads per set of disks However if the disks are being replaced, use new pads... which normally come with most disks
  5. Definitely a leak if there is condensation on the inside. Pull the trim off and get a friend with a hose on the case I'd recommend getting a dehumidifier in there once it's sorted to get rid of the water before that lovely mouldy smell appears
  6. Sounds like your mind is made up. The 2.0 TDCi can be mapped to 170+ My mate has an Astra G SRi Turbo (190), and Lotus did the chassis work on that. My standard 2l ran rings round it everywhere except the straights. It looks awesome though. Your choice at the end of the day. I'm not particularly bothered about car brands, I buy the car which IMO is the most fun to drive... which is why I'm on my 3rd Focus.
  7. They were identical on the mk1 aside from the top half as the exit pipes were different on the 1.4/1.6 to 1.8/2.0 engines. I would imagine this is the case or if they are all the same as the exhaust manifolds are all at the back on mk2 petrols. I can't imagine any gain at all to be honest
  8. It just gets lower and lower, you will be underground soon mate :lol: Not sure if the finis code for the washer jet covers is right as the ST ones are more of a trapezoid shape than thoe ones Dave/Jamz have fitted which come with Xenons on the rest of the range. Afaik Piper are the only replica manufacturer for exhausts as the ST does not have a spare wheel well, which is where the OEM backbox sits.
  9. Almost sounds like lacquer overspray for it to keep reoccuring :?
  10. My 2.0 went back to Ford for respray work 3 times, just badger them until they sort it out
  11. It's electric assisted PAS, it has both systems
  12. Yours couldn't be any less standard James :lol:
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