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  1. i like it mate, doesnt look like most of the foci on here. which is a good thing becasue to many on here go with the latest trend instead of putting there personality in it. well done
  2. were did you get the k&n from mate
  3. has anybody fitted a aftermarket filter to the ti-vct engine? was thinking of putting a GREEN filter in from euro parts. whats everbodys opinion on these or what they have got?
  4. i have had my zetec climate now for 18months and done 16000 miles, i normally get about 31.8 ish, mostly short journeys with the odd motorway blast, ive never had better but my father in law went down to portsmouth in it and got 44mpg sitting at 70 all the time, ive got the ti-vct and a lot of people on here have differing mpg figures it seems.
  5. id be wary to mate, and to be honest if somebody wants your car they will get it. a mate of mine had a cavalier sri130 years ago, spent a lot on it and it looked great. the latest alarm and immobiliser on it the lot. woke up one morning and it was gone, rang pc plod and about an hour later got a call back to say they had found the car.on its * * * * in liverpool, stripped bare. coppers think they picked it up with a hiab equipped lorry and just drove off. all the money spent on alarms in useless in that situation
  6. tony is that a aftermarekt stereo surround?
  7. ive got a zetec but cant alter my steering, how come?
  8. its being covered in another topic on here mate, if you have got AFS then take your headlamps off the car. remove the back cover and flick the lever if not buy some deflectors from a motor factors and job done
  9. i wouldnt say it was, because its accidental damage due to wear and tear and not due to a poor quality part etc
  10. hiya mate unless you specified AFS headlights you wont have them, there is a differance in appearance to the headlight unit although im not sure what it is, to check the rear of headlights from the rear you need to take them out and take the back cover off then you will see the lever. with regards to the sticky things they can be picked up on the ferry on the way over which is what i did, you also need a fire extinguisher, spare bulbs and fuses as well as a first aid kit. again these can be picked up on the ferry. i think in belgium you may need hi-vis waistcoats as well. hope that helps pal and watch your speed in belgium as the coppers have a tendancy to pull brit cars for it and they can frog march you to the nearest cash point and make you hand over 250 euros :evil:
  11. ive never experianced sticking drums after washing the mine, and how does washing make the drums stick? ive said this before but i dont see a problem with drums unless you are running big power then what makes discs better apar from being more appealing to the eye, some big power rs turbos still run drums and as niall said the majority of the braking power is provided by the front discs. or look at this way, drums are less completed than discs so if something goes wrong then it should be cheaper to fix.
  12. i had somethung similar on sunday, i was parked up in asda waiting for the wife with the engine running and a strange noise started, i switched off the engine then started it again later and it was gone. im presuming its nothing to worry about as its not come back
  13. you could go to a decent garage that you trust and also have welding equipment. ask them to weld a nut onto the remaining part of the wheel nut and then try and get it off with a wrench. make sure they are carefull not to damage your wheels and also let the weld cool as much as possible so as to give it a good chance of staying on. ive done this twice and it does work 50% of the time hope it helps you mate and good luck
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