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  1. You wanna try it on a 1.7 TDI Vectra!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. He'd have need it even if the impact of the car hadn't injured him if it'd been my motor!!!!! It really Ps me off the way "kids" swan about on the roads and expect drivers to slow down/go round/miss them. Now you've probably got to claim on your insurance to get it repaired and it's not even your fault :evil: I just hope it teaches him a lesson :roll: I can also imagine it was quite a shock to you too
  3. Well my foci is in it's 6th year of existance and is on the original pollen filter. Don't know if that's good bad or indifferent but it doesn't seem to have caused any issues
  4. Personally don't see the point in using 99RON in a N/A engine that's been mapped to use 95RON :?
  5. Based on it being a 1.8 Zetec, the Parkers guide reckons about £3700 for an good example so the price seems about right. If you know the car's history then you're on to a winner straight away but it's worth looking on Exchange & Mart and Autotrader for comparisons
  6. Be easier to give you an answer if we knew it's age, engine size, mileage & service history :wink:
  7. As an interim, how about getting one of those chip stick things from turtlewax? You may not be able to get an exact colour match but at least you'll be able to protect the metal work a bit :?
  8. Welcome to FFOC :D I've installed two of these types of kits (one in a foci, one in a beemer) I've taken the +ve & -ve from the ciggy lighter feed and the switched live from the back of the stereo. Haven't got a standard stereo so I can't really help with the radio mute. Good luck! Russ
  9. Looks natsy mate!!! :shock: :shock: IIRC, the front airbags are set off by sensors in the front bumper so they won't deploy from a side on hit
  10. Personally, I wouldn't take it above 4K for about 500-1000 miles. However the occaisional "blast" during that time shouldn't do it any harm as long as it's nicely warmed up :wink:
  11. Not at all..... Get out of car Undo petrol cap Lock car Fill up Unlock car Shut filler cap Re-lock car Pay Fair enough it seems a bit of a kaffufle when you write it down but it's not that difficult
  12. IIRC, you shouldn't bump start any vehicle with an electric immobiliser as it could cause a spike and kill it :?
  13. I'm on the original pollen filter and the car is just over 5 years old :oops: :lol: Doen't seem to be causing any problems and there are no nasty whiffs coming from that direction. IMO Ford services are over priced due to their £60+VAT per hour labour charge, IIRC the price usually quoted for a minor service excludes pollen filter :?
  14. IIRC, the tracking is set so that the natural movement of the car is to the left hand side but not so much as you'd notice unless you let go of the sterring wheel. The theory being if you drop off behind the wheel, the car should not run into oncoming traffic :wink:
  15. My old man's got a Vectra TDI and if you're on a motorway you have to turn the aircon off to overtake anything! :lol: :lol:
  16. I would say even a soft brush is a bad idea! I've always used a wash mitt :wink: Still got some swirl marks but it's not too bad for a car over 4 years old :) A lot of people use the "two bucket" method....... 1 bucket with the car shampoo and one with clean water, the idea being that when you go to re-charge the mitt with shampoo, you rinse it in the water first to remove debris (you could also just clean it using the hose/tap). http://www.meguiars.co.uk has forum with lots of tips for car cleaning/valeting. Good luck Russ :)
  17. Not sure exactly how much as it was a birthday gift but I think it was around the £100 mark. It had to be hard wired behind the dash (the ciggy lighter to be precise) and if I hadn't installed it myself I'm guessing it would have cost around £60 to do so. I'd wait and see what Renault say, if not here's what I've got http://www.i2020.co.uk/p894/sony_ericsson_bluetooth_car_handsfree_hcb-300.htm A blindin' piece of kit!
  18. I've just installed a similar thing in my car. You pair your phone with the Bluetooth kit and as long as bluetooth is enabled on your mobile as you switch on the ignition, your phone is recognised and you can make and recieve calls without touching the phone. As long as the phone is within 10 meters of the dash (which shouldn't be a problem.. even in a C-max :lol: ) it can be in a phone holder, in ya pocket or in a suitcase in the boot :D
  19. Saw one today and the driver's door looked a completely different colour to the rest of the car!!! Probably one of the unfortunate ones that's been damaged in transport and bodged... I mean repaired! :roll:
  20. I normally just use a damp cloth as anything else leaves it too shiney!
  21. Don't apologise mate!!! From what I've read on here I think I've been lucky...... well actually very lucky as I imported mine from Belgium! I'd dread to think what I'd have had to go through to get anything major sorted. It's a shame a global organisation like FMC seem to screw up the PR side of things. Lets face it, even if they just replaced your C-Max, any cost to them is peanuts and you would have walked away happy. Someone once told me a happy customer will usually tell 5 or 6 people about their "good" experience, an unhappy customer will usually tell 10 or more people of their disatisfaciton. From all the complaints I've seen on here, it seems they normally do something in the end but the customer is made to fight for it all the way. That just seems silly to me!!!
  22. It's not 100% accurate but you could do a seccond check on your mpg figure the old fashioned way (or the way us pikeys without a computer do it): Fill the tank right up and reset the trip meter. Try and get the same pump when you refuel (not essential but it makes it more accurate) and fill the tank right up again. Multiply the number of litres by 0.22 (this converts them to gallons) Divide your mileage since you filled up by the gallons and then you have a figue to comare to what the computer says.
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