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  1. If it was 90 octane it would be chugging! The minimum RON you can get in the UK is 95, Super Unleaded is 97-99 RON. :wink:
  2. I put Optimax/Ultimate in my 2003 1.6 and it makes it run smoother, I bet the VCT would react better to super. Try it and see! :D
  3. Agreed, I've seen one in the bright sunlight and pictures cannot do the sparkle in the colour justice. However, I think I'm in the minority who don't like the colour...
  4. If you are in any way unhappy with the bumper match, DO NOT accept the car, get the dealer to rectify the problem before handing the car over to you, or sign for the car, note on the form the problem and get in writing from the dealer that they will sort the bumper out with no charge to yourself.
  5. Just a point-Kevin and I have said to each other before the cars seem to get worse over time, especially silver ones. This may be applicable in your case since your car is ten months old.
  6. Couldn't they just get the chavvy electronic one then? Or open a bottle of coke... :P
  7. If it goes the way you say it will Kevin a new ST on standard wheels will be in the minority. :lol:
  8. Nice one Kevin, look forward to seeing it, how about taking me out for a ride in it when it's been run in. :wink: :P Off topic-Simmo you da man! You got the splitter on your car colour coded! :hearts
  9. admit Iain you just wanna drive that fez again as a courtsey car :wink: :lol: :D The first one I had with the full leather was simply stunning, I've never driven a (reasonably priced) car quite like it! The second one, which was a standard Zetec Climate as opposed to the Ghia, was crap, the suspension didn't feel half as good and the seats were uncomfortable.
  10. I will try giving FCR a call on Monday regarding my MOT failure thanks to a wheelbearing. The dealers are not being of help at all, they want to strip the bearing down and inspect it before deciding whether it is covered under warranty, leaving me without the car for the day (which I don't mind if I was provided with a courtesy car!) and not guaranteeing that the work will be warranty! :roll: Methinks I will be requesting a goodwill payment from FCR, I consider it unreasonable for a wheelbearing to fail after 55,000 miles and 3 years! :roll:
  11. I think it's the fact the new Focus ST looks overdone and the Golf GTI is ice cool. There's just something about it which for me makes it one of the coolest cars on the road.
  12. That front bumper mings hard! :shock: At the end of the day though insurance isn't going to be good on these anyway, insurers hate modified cars and they hate them even more when youngsters are driving them.
  13. Oh My God. You mean that she doesn't know that 90% of other cars on the road with matching paint also have bumpers made of plastic and wings made of metal? And these are the supposed "experts"...
  14. Yes there is a massive problem! 90% of the MKII Foci I have seen, both in real life and in pictures, have terrible bumper mis match problems, the 10% that don't show it have been black or the occasional Machine Silver. I don't know why Kevin is the only person kicking up a real fuss and taking Ford to court, personally I'd be doing the same thing as the situation is not acceptable for cars that people are paying up to and beyond £20,000 for!
  15. I believe the fogs and reverse lights are the same mate. IMO those afterburners look minging as hell!
  16. Nope you can purchase it fully fitted from there, Kevin Davies has done this.
  17. IMO the Exalto's are great, haven't had a look for wear yet but they've been on the car for about 3,000 miles now and I don't drive especially hard. How long should they last for then? :?
  18. That ain't as bad as some though, I had to look hard. Might just be the flash though. I bet he's bought that on the Privilige scheme and is now looking to flog it to someone who wants to beat the waiting list and he'll still make a tidy profit on it.
  19. Obviously your not a hothatch fan, otherwise you would know the reasoning behind the tartan seats. As for dull ? how can a Golf be any more dull than a Focus or Astra. There all mainstream cars and not matter what you do they still show there roots. Quite mate. The original Golf GTi was well before my time but I still love the tartan. :D :D :D I'd take those over the optional leather anyday.
  20. I've not driven either although I've driven a new Focus (which wasn't that enjoyable but it wasn't run in and had a heavy 2.0 diesel in the nose) but I love the Golf's styling. Not overly keen on the ASBO. TBH silver isn't the Golf's best colour, I think it looks stunning in Candy White with the rear bumper colour coded.
  21. It's unlikely unless you really clouted them hard. Should think you'll be OK if you can't feel anything unusual. What were you doing to make the car hit the bump stops?
  22. I shouldn't really laugh but I've got to. :lol: Although I thought the new Focus has the same sort of petrol cap as the old one where you use the key to open it?
  23. So you're saying it shouldn't go on TV because it'll make the residuals drop by 1% or 2%?
  24. I wouldn't personally have one, but if i had to, make mine white.
  25. That looks excellent, fantastic in white. Goes brilliantly with the anthracite wheels. 8)
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