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  1. Yes so do I....and that's when it pees all over the floor :( I've never really thought about it, I just stick the nozzle in the hole and then press the lever til it clicks, then pull the nozzle out :shock: I've booked it into Ford on Wednesday for them to have a look at it :(
  2. I've got one inside the centre arm rest between the two front seats in my Mk2.5 if that helps :? The other one is next to the gear stick :?
  3. Bear with me, I've never taken much interest in the rear of my cars :oops: :oops: The last couple of times I've filled up with diesel I've noticed it dripping from underneath, just behind/inside the rear wheel. Had a nosey and there's what looks like a small pipe, I'm presuming it's some kind of overflow valve, which I also assume is doing it's job. BUT what's peeing me off is that when I fill up, I stop putting fuel in when it does the first "click" (with my last car I could fill up to the second "click"), then I see about 1/2 a pint fall out of the bottom of my car :shock: Waste of f
  4. Hammerite is good too 8) With all of them, you give it one coat, and then have to give it a second coat within so many hours otherwise you have to wait something daft like 6 weeks because it has to cure first :shock: The best way to do it is to paint the calipers before they're on the car, but it depends how handy you are. On my last car I painted them before fitting them. On my Fiesta ST I painted them while they were on the car :?
  5. darando - follow the instructions on the tin of brake caliper paint. You'll need a wire brush and some caliper cleaner spray to make sure they're nice and clean before you start.
  6. Mine's doing odd things so I'm wondering if I've got something "knocked out" on mine. The parking sensors don't work The power sockets don't work The air con comes on by itself whenever you turn the engine off and on again The radio forgets which radio station it was on when you turn the engine off and on again, although it's remember the preset stations - if that makes sense The dealer I bought it from are supposed to be sorting out the power sockets and parking sensors so will mention the other bits when it goes in :roll:
  7. Stop it! Stop it! You're like a little voice in my head saying "buy it, buy it" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Saw an orange one yesterday on the M40 (see Was It You section), it's way too bright :roll:
  9. Well it had the big ST stripes over the bonnet and the roof, etc, and then smaller stripes along the bottom of the doors with "GT" just above them in the corner :P
  10. I've just seen a Focus GT, didn't know there was such a thing. I asked the lady on the stand at the show I was at and she said "oh it just has the ST stripes, that's all they've done to it" :shock: Had a quick look inside and it had what looked like the old ST half leather seats with the blue trim down the centre :?
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